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    Nails | CND Unveil Modern Folklore Collection

    I just got all the promotional stuff through the post this week - tent card, lamp wrap, window cling etc. It said in the marketing material pamphlet it was the July/August promotional pack so I expect to see it before the summer is out. It's Premier Beauty Orlando 2014 next weekend, hoping...
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    Nail trainer

    I have had mine for about 15 years and every time I think I should sell it I look lovingly at it and put it back in the box! Its been so "handy" over the years.
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    Hot stones vs lava shells?

    For a bricks and mortar location I prefer the stones out of the two, I found the lava shells way too hot, this was about 6 years ago and they may have changed the heating packs as in those days there were two, regular and deep. I can control the temperature on my stones way better, the only...
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    Thinking of converting from Shellac to Gelish - questions

    Unfortunately here it is available to Joe public in Sally so nothing pro only about it stateside either. Probably the same as Australia by the sounds of it.
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    Rock star colour pops

    I normally use something similar to the glitter for darker colours but on all the lighter glitters I use Iced Coral as I hate it as do my clients and now it is discontinued that gets rid of it once and for all! Guess it is time to find another shelf sitter shade to use now!
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    Clients arriving really early

    It doesn't matter as much in the salon but it is still a pain sometimes when clients turn up ridiculously early. I politely tell them they will have to wait til their allotted time as we have clients currently on the table. I do sometimes tell people not to come too early as there is someone...
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    Shellac brushes dropping off

    Same thing happened to me with a not too old bottle of Masquerade. Bristles left in the polish and just the stick when I opened it in front of the client.
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    In an ideal world, what's the future of Shellac?

    Have to confess not really a fan of the additives either, too much faffing about (for me) in a busy spa but my younger techs love them. As we know some clients have enough difficulty choosing a regular shade never mind introducing additives into the equation, so I would like to see more...
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    Defo switching from Shellac (CND) to iLac (INK London)

    Depending on the distribution companies involved, legal buyers like the third party this guy in question is quoting for talking sake, have to sign a contract or disclaimer to say that they will not sell onto third parties and beyond. Most wholesalers here do that when you sign up for an account...
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    Sephora, make-up ladies look!

    What's the excitement about Sephora, out of curiosity? We have one near where I live but it is expensive and normally full of young girls.
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    Nail varnish brands

    Spa Ritual is another nice range, we mainly do Shellac these days but for the odd regular mani/pedi the Spa Ritual comes out nice and the whole range is Vegan so good for every client. If I was just starting out I would maybe also consider Vinylux.
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    Nails | Sephora Launches Single Use Manicure Pods

    Something else that will end up in Big Lots for 10 cents, (Clearance house store) just like the OPI collection for Sephora which bombed and is on sale for pennies!
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    Feeling sick after facial/massage

    In massage it is not unusual for some clients to maybe feel a bit headachy afterwards.
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    Cold Callers driving me nuts!

    We have a device called a telezapper which stops the autodialers but actual hand dialed calls still come through occasionally but we can tell instantly from area codes on the caller ID if it is a cold call and either ignore or switch to fax mode if they persistently ring. Anyone important can...
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    Shellac removal - something's changed?

    I stopped using the nourishing remover pretty much when it first came out as after a couple of uses I found the Shellac wasn't coming off as quickly/cleanly as with acetone. It smells better and I like the branded bottle but it's not something I would buy again with the current formula.