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  • Brisa lite prices -

    Prices are £49.95 plus vat for smoothing kit and £63.45 plus vat for sculpting kit.

    Yes definitely with out a doubt, and just after i emailed you S2 sent an email saying it would be available to purchase from them on Monday at 9am, rumor is that the kits cost £70 x
    Hello my lovely,

    Just been on to S2 and they have advised the Brisa Lite kits will be available to purchase at pro beauty if you didn't already know xx
    Ah I was hoping you could wrangle something. Are you busy these days. I'm doing good, busy enough. Took today off to go to Dublin to see my young scientist....proud mammy moment !
    Any chance you've been able to reschedule for April? Such a pity to miss out.
    haha what will we be like when we actually get to bed now. nite nite
    hi jacqui, I'm getting excited now, I hope I can get a ticket. I hope they can ring the girls in Dublin to confirm my qualifications....will be fun
    Lol well havent you been doing your reaserch :0).

    Yes new me this year coming hopefully everything will fall into place including my big fat ass lol.

    Wishing you well to you gorgeous specimen and my lovely geeky friend xxx
    :rolleyes:and it seems they haven't got the's still being added to. jeez
    Ahh getting there petal, just so much to do. Missed you all ive changed my phone to from iphone to android so even the salon geek app is different, feel i need alot of catching up :) x x
    o i feel for you, painting is always a great idea until the job is underway....i always bribe my brother in law with that job. have fun. x
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