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    Upping my prices advice

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    Tinting eyelashes

    You cannot trust an 11 year old to lay still and not move her eyes around while they are under the tint. And yes you should be fast to judge an 11 year old wanting tinted lashes ... lash and brow tinting is one of the biggest reasons therapists end up in court. It's a professional judgement. X
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    Brow tint colours

    We use Strictly Professional. If ALL these companies finally decide on patch testing before every treatment - this service will be removed from our menu!!!!
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    Brow tint colours

    Blossom ... this is still up on their web site :-) Is a Skin Sensitivity Test/Patch Test necessary? YES YES & YES! There are a small number of individuals who may have an allergic reaction to tints, hair dyes and other chemical treatments. It is only in rare situations that the reaction can be...
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    Brow tint colours

    Well glad to see common sense has prevailed ... does it actually say that on the advice sheet inside the box? Just want to check before I consider using them again. Yes a tiny bit of red until you get the correct shade. xx
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    Brow tint colours

    If these are Refectocil you can't mix Chestnut with anything! We had the whole range of Refectocil but stopped using them when they decided clients had to be patch tested prior to every visit ... perhaps they have come to their senses within the last year? We use black with brown, brown with...
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    Is French polish a must?

    If you are a nail tec then you absolutely must be able to do it. But you do mainly massage and facials so why stress yourself over it. If you don't want to do it don't do it ... it's your business! It's not a popular service but if you start losing lots of clients then you would need to...
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    Boyfriend and I had an argument because I cook and clean "too much" - feeling confused

    You can listen to your heart and likely waste months and years of your life trying to 'make it fit' or you can listen to your gut and make decisions that will increase your chances and opportunities to find a more balanced and equal relationship. The choice is always yours. As an aside, If...
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    Tanning or waxing?

    If you are a great waxer ... I would take everything out of your room and put in a couch!!'
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    Tanning and lighting

    It IS a waste of product but it also allows the client and therapist confidence that everywhere has been sprayed and there are no mistakes.
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    Waxer near NG23 7AZ

    My client is moving to the postcode location NG23 7AZ ... I am trying to find an excellent intimate waxer to send her to please. Must use a good quality hot wax. Anyone? Xx
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    Male intimate waxing

    Advise him you are sorry to hear of his problem but it precludes you from being able to offer your services. Full stop. The end.
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    Someone else's work

    It's your choice to tell your client you won't infill a nail that has been repaired elsewhere. It's also your choice to tell your client she has to have a complete colour change. If you were your client, would you be happy to come back to you or would you start looking for someone new?
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    Lash growth serum

    I believe most of the serums being marketed to increase lashes or brows contain caster oil!
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    Lash growth serum

    castor oil