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  • Everything went a lot smoother than i was expecting it to (familys and all that lol) yeah just PM me some details and i will see what i can come up with hun xxx
    Hi hun
    I have a family funeral to go to today so my head is not in the right mode for biz names but if you let me know a bit more about your biz i will have a go later for you,
    are you known for anything particular by your clients, what image does your service portray or you want it to portray,
    the more you can tell me the easier it is to come up wit a name,
    Louise xxx
    Still dont know how to use tis properlyyy :S
    so what you doing then - im going from strnght to strength at our salon - its fab - end of august - thats took a while aint it. the poor sod must be hanging by now
    Sorry Jaqui Im jus working out how to use things, I see yr from gateshead hun..god that msg was so long! x
    Hiya Jaqui, Im at south shields at th mo but attempted the same course 3 years ago at gateshead. Young children and lack of transport got in the way. I enjoyed it tho while I was there but south shields go about things a slightly different way,no better or worse jus different. I think I took things in better but that might have something to do with not being as stressed this time! Where in tyne and wear are you from Jaqui ?
    your daughter is very beautifil i love the pic
    very nice thanks for sharing
    hi yes you nails are beautiful
    i want popits but cant find them in usa i want popits
    hi jacqui
    thanks for inviting me as a friend it took me a bit to add you as i was getting used to knowing how to work it but i got there in the end speak soon take care Melanie
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