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  • Hope you're well Jade - new colours on line in about an hour and a half lol - see you very soon xoxo
    This is great im thinking of doing the sme thing n my garden. How much was your summer house if you dont mind me asking?
    I'm so Happy for you. BEST of luck. Have fun and enjoy your new independance and your new salon. Thanks for letting me know. If I can hep at all let me know anytime. XXXX :hug:
    Ooohhh ill check that out n let you know thankyouu! :) haha i know i felt like a right loner on here with no friends haha, yeah nice talkin to you :) xxx
    They tell me that you can. If you join the Minx lover group hereon the site you can read about any manner of things that techs seem to do with Minx including embedding them under gel and L&P.
    Hope you are doing well. :hug: xx
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