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    Gel extensions

    I trained in gel extensions (tips applied then 3 layers of hard gel) 2 years back and haven’t done them out of college but I’m wanting to offer them but unsure as to how much I should charge. The salon I work in charge £15 gel polish £27 acrylics. Any ideas of how much I should be Charging once...
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    Client hand placement under UV/LED light difficulties

    You do you hun I do me. Also please don’t assume or imply that I’ve got a Chinese factory made non legit gel lamp as I know where I bought my lamp from, the sales assistant was full of knowledge etc. Like I said I’ve had no problems at all so will stick to the knowledge I’ve been given by loads...
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    Client hand placement under UV/LED light difficulties

    As long it works for you great! However I’ll be continuing with the advice and experience I have from working in different salons and experience therapist with 10+ years. If there no such thing as a universal lamp then how do I have one? How have the salons I worked in used them etc? I hope this...
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    Client hand placement under UV/LED light difficulties

    I’ve never had a problem with it, no complaining clients and gels have lasted perfectly. I am fully trained with experience! All the salons I have worked in have used universal gel lamps. They are called universal lamps for a reason. I know what my insurance states hun but thanks anyways. X
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    Fast Track Level 3 Beauty

    Look for an apprenticeship where she can get the experience quickly. As for a fast track course, no! Becoming a beauty therapist shouldn’t be about doing it quickly to to get in work and make money as I’ve noticed that’s the girls who make mistakes and can’t answer basic questions. An...
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    Wax One vs Lycon?

    I personally haven’t heard of wax one but have heard and I am trained in lycon. My last job was a spa but we also done beauty treatments such as lycon wax, pricing wise I would say lycon is good brand, very well know, have a large amount of wax types you can choose from and I don’t think it’s...
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    Ireland, self employed

    Yes inform the mortgage company and I come under as sole trader x
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    Client hand placement under UV/LED light difficulties

    You don’t need to check your gel brand to the lamp brand. I use 3 different gel brands and 1 universal gel lamp. Never once a had a problem ! I always do all the fingers first. Base colour top. Then the thumbs at the end base colour top. Have them get there hand ready before they go in the...
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    Ireland, self employed

    I’m not in Ireland but I am in England. I rent a table and pay rent to the owner every day I come in. I don’t have an accountant as I find it manageable to work out my own out and incomings, hmrc also have a calculator where I can get an estimate of how much tax and ni to put as side each...
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    Booth rental owner questions

    I feel it would be better if you want to make money make it in an industry your trained in. I personally would never rent a booth from someone who doesn’t have qualifications in the industry ( don’t mean that to sound nasty just being honest). Beauty isn’t to painting s nail pink and talking...
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    Business advice, know this is the best place for help

    Yeah, as soon as the client steps foot in your beauty room anything that happens is then on you. So to be safe make sure you have insurance that covers trips, injury etc along with Insuring your tools, equipment etc. Direct line is great to go through. They cover everything you will need.
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    How long did it take to build a good client base

    Wondering how long it took to find and keep enough clients to have s successful business / income.
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    Worst nail clients

    Hi ladies, just want to know about your worst nail clients and how you deal/ dealt with them. were they rude, or complained. And some of your biggest pet peeves ( mine is when they use there phone during a treatment or book in for a gel polish without letting me know they also need a gel...
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    Nail separation

    Maybe your hands are in water more than normal? Are you using cuticle oil daily? Is the nail tech spending enough time prepping your nail. Sometimes it can be something as simple as the incorrect false nail tip size. Has the nail tech changed any of her products (glue, nail tip, acrylic...
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    Booth rental owner questions

    Can I ask why would you be renting out booths for beauty and hair when you have no experience in it? ... x