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  • Helloooooo! Hows things Sherry? Decided to pop my nose around the door and who did i find but you lol xx
    hi Jaffacake just what I came on this site to look for .....amazing. How do we go about exchanging money and book?
    Hi Jaffacake.... You will have to excuse me sometimes. I get bored easily. I took this place seriously once, but kept on getting told off by admin for self promoting equipment and tanning products. I gave up. It certainly helps increase the number of comments in forums though. I am useful for some things.
    Yes hun - I've been using the 8% with great success. Will be getting other colours in the next few days xxx
    Hi hun, got a lady who needs a tan saturday if you're interested send me your mobile number I can't do it. Mines 07956 814660 xxx
    hey chic just wondering how you are getting on with the a tan? did you try organics? i bought some pleased but still have customers who are not brown enough?
    July / August offer. Buy 3 litres of solution for £109 + vat and you'll recieve 50 gradual tan sachets and 50 moisture balm foc. Give us a ring if you want to order and remember to pass it on to other geeks.

    V x
    I meant it hunny bun! You are probably your own worst critique. I wish you were near me so that I could have a nice wee glow xxx
    Oh right I'll look her up too then! Thanks, its nice to get some therapists etc nearby so you can throw work their way and chat about any events or problems!
    Hi Thanks for accepting the friend request, i saw that you were only up the road to me and its nice to get to know others in your area esp. if you need someone to help out! Nat :)
    Hi Sherrie
    Yes it was Nouvatan that is the same as CS. CS have 2 different solutions though and one of them is quite orange.
    I would just contact Dawn and get a sample and try it. I do 50-100 tans a month and never had a complaint. It's just a lovely natural colour.
    Maybe it's not for you but you don't know until you try.
    Maybe just do your legs this time-lol
    I'm sure you'll love it though. Let me know how you get on.
    Angie x
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