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    Hair extension suppliers

    I have always used euphoria one for years and have never had any problems.
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    Dyson Airwrap?

    For self easiness the curls they create are simple to do however they tend to drop very quickly. The blowdry attachments are okay, if you have fine flat hair they will create a little lift but if you have thick hair which needs tension to blowdry you would blowdry first with A Brissle brush to...
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    Balayage brush out

    Oh I tried using that brush but felt it pulled a little too much.
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    Balayage brush out

    The most tedious part of doing a back comb technique balayage... coming all the back comb out! Just curious to know everyone’s routine? do you brush the back comb out before you tone? Or tone then brush it all out at a section? I tend to use a wet brush, lots of leave in conditioner and some...
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    Colour brand

    Just out for curiosity I would like to know peoples preferred colour house/brand and there reasons as to why?
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    Wella double bases

    Wella reformulated there Koleston perfect when they released perfect me+ and I find the bases are slightly darker to get a colour match with old formulations I’ve had to drop clients half a shade as when I first transitioned to the new colours my clients were saying it felt darker although it...
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    Hair matting help!

    just looking for opinions as I am stumped! One of my regular clients hair has started to really Matt in a clump after she’s shampooed and conditioned it (it’s even happened at the salon) She’s never expedited it before, yes it gets a little knotty as it’s naturally has a slight curl but never...
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    Virgin hair not lifting evenly, help!

    Have you not tried covering to hi lites / baby lites. Much better lift generally than a full head bleach If you are struggling with banding constantly from a full head blonde.
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    The effects of XXL!

    This lady has use them frequent and to quote ‘it’s always been fine’.. it only takes the one!
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    The effects of XXL!

    She just had to get the majority cut off. I said ideally she needed a pixie cut it was that damaged but she was adamant to go no shorter than a bob. It was still fried but I said to book in every 4 weeks for a cut. She bought some redken anti snap and took home a bundle of olaple products...
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    The effects of XXL!

    Had a client in today who had used XXL live platinum to lighten her hair then used XXL purple ontop. This was when she came into the salon... in all my years I’ve never seen hair this damaged. Thought it would be good for those who want to show clients the damage you can do when home colouring.
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    Wella Blondor Q

    I always add Schwartzkopf cool additive to all my bleach mixes. It gives great ashy hi lites and you don’t get that warm glow from the bleach, I swear by it!
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    Colour help! Lowlights on bleached hair

    Colour touch 7/73 with matching developer is my go to low lite colour for a soft natural look. Without being too contrasting to the blonde but still dark enough to see
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    Euphoria One vs Remi Cachet

    I switched from remy cachet to euphoria one due to how expensive the price of hair is and keeps rising. The Brazilian range is great for coarser hair and the Russian hair better for straighter finer hair.
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    Matrix colour opinions

    Just looking for everyone’s experiences using matrix colours. Coverage, longevity, fade out and are they true to shade I.e do you step up a shade if your covering 100% white grey hair. I.e using a 4 to get a 5. Thankyou