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  • Hi doll

    I had a great day at the open day in creative spend a good bit on new glitter powders and book myself on conversion course for the gels in Feb. I just cant get enough of the cnd products and love working with them. the gel colours are fab.. How have you been ?? xxx
    me is good thanks. Been offered the change to share a room with a girl who only uses it 2 days a week for spray tans but don't think Ive got the bottle for that yet as I'm still a bit slow although it is tempting.
    My birthday is next week so fancy trying out some pre airbrushed tips for my night out if I do I will post a few pics for you to take a look at. Have you started your search for a new table yet?
    Speak to you soon xx
    hey you, how are you feeling any better yet?
    Love the pics and the orange looks fab what did you use?
    Speak to you soon xx
    ps all my 15 nail foils came today so I'm away to have a play with them after I look on here to find out how to.
    Yes I was told the same.. Your pics are lovley. I can tget my hubby to show me how to load mine on...xx

    you like my new name LOL goes well with the boobs he he xxx
    Hi Doll

    I like you nail album its looking good. Have you had your certificate from creative yet? Im still waiting on mine... xx

    What have you been up to? hope your not practising to hard if you know what I mean he he xxx
    me is good, went a bit mad and ordered a load of nail art foils in all sorts off colours for Christmas now all I have to do is find out how to use it. lol
    Hurry up and find that lead cant wait to see some pics xx
    Hi :)

    I am glad you liked them!!

    Hope ur sis's nails went well!

    Hope all is well, speak soon I'm sure!

    Heather x
    Hi doll had a relaxing weekend as still bit sore with the new bbobs. but there looking good. Yes pm me with job details gooluck with it... How did your weekend go? did you get upto anything nice with the family? xx
    hows you feeling today any better silly question really as I know you have been unwell for a wee while you skiver youxx
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