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    Beauty room to rent in Dunstable, Bedfordshire

    Hi, I'm Jamie and I have a spacious beauty room to rent in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. The room is above a busy hair salon but youte far enough away that you wont hear the hairdryers. You will be completely self employed so will need to take your own appointments and your own bills, but you...
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    Euphoria colour discrepancy

    Yes, we ordered tapes in 6 last week and they were as darker towards the ends of the extensions, looking at different suppliers now
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    Hair extensions too expensive

    Thanks, Would you be able to send me some samples of the hair? Or maybe help me match up my client, she is an ashy 8. I'm interested in the Russian/Mongolian range, I think that's the range that will fit my clients the best [emoji4]
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    Hair extensions too expensive

    Thanks for your replies, im having a look at Euphoria now :)
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    Hair extensions too expensive

    Hi, Im new to the world of extensions, I'm a salon owner and hairdresser but dont do extensions myself. I sent one of my team on some training with easilocks but i am finding clients are not able to afford the hair, It's costing over £400 just for the hair so its off putting for most of our...
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    NXT colour line?

    Hey Jake, I used it once, it covers well but then fades VERY warm, and it stinks hahaha. it's not as good as wella
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    I switched from Koleston to Affinage. We are still getting used to the slightly different rules, but the way we get treated by our suppliers is sooooooooo much better.
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    Salon start up costs

    Hi Fabby, the cheapest way is to find a shop that I'd already a salon selling their business. The actual salon fit is very expensive, putting in the plumbing and electrical
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    Help with colour question please

    That hair looks like it's been bleached before. As ronray said you need to use ash to make sure it counteracts some of the warmth... If you used gold it will be verrrrrry gold
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    Business rates

    What she is doing is completely wrong she is trying to treat you like an employee without paying you. However, if you're getting lots of new clients from the salon and you're only paying 25% you have an amazing deal! Those new clients that get given to you are yours, stay there for a while...
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    Beauty room available in Bedfordshire

    Thanks for both of your ideas, I put an advert on gumtree and now have someone coming to look to rent out 2 of them on Tuesday [emoji4][emoji4][emoji4]
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    Help achieving red hair

    When you say light brown do you mean a 5? And is her hair coloured or natural?
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    Beauty room available in Bedfordshire

    Not yet, have you had any success from them?
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    Beauty room available in Bedfordshire

    Hi, have a beauty room for rent in town centre of Dunstable in Bedfordshire, Ideally looking for start asap, we won't be having an employed beauty therapist as of January and there will be a group of clients with no where to go, so will add a lot of custom to your business. Please see our...
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    Stealing clients

    I presume you're self employed within the salon, however if she wanted it done there and then and you're free you would have been a fool to say no, that client probably would have found somewhere else and not returned to the salon at all. It sounds like there are some issues with receptionist...