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  • he he 1 more sleep lol, i cant wait! im high off acrylic liquid been practicing on the nail trainer im really **** hope i improve x
    that sounds fine i just want to learn it properly and be good at it ,so no rush . where is the new academy and what dates are available their? jx
    Sculpting is quite a skill and many students are keen to cover this on a foundation course also, but i really just cover all the criteria for a foundation and jugde everyones individual levels to move forward whilst on the course, so a difficult one to answer, BUT, good news, the dates have been set now for the new academy opening and the first 5 day foundation course to run from the new academy + Manchester is to begin Monday 18th January, give me a call or pop in when I'm open if you would like to talk things through more. Julia x
    Ok, great. It looks as though it may be starting Mon 18th Jan, but if you give them a call next week they can confirm and give you the definate dates. See ya then x
    Hi Jaime, glad to hear you are to join the cnd family! If you contact Sweet Squared on 0845 2106060 they will send you out a right from the start brochure with all of the information on the foundation course. The dates are being set at the moment for the next batch of courses to begin, these will be done before the end of this week, if you would like to talk over anything just give me a call 07855 929055, i look forward to seeing you and will watch out for your name coming through. x
    Hey JimJams - just a word - saw you responded to a thread. Make sure you check the year as this thread was started in 2006 and most probably won't apply now!
    Hi There, and welcome to Salon Geek. If you decide to go down the CND route i am sure that it would be myself that is your nearest Academy, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me on my training line 07855 929055. Check out todays thread by Heather Davis also titled - The UK has a new Education Ambassador. Good Luck, Julia.
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