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  • Lol, no problem! I was really interested in it.. I've printed out the article and put it in my salon and all the clients think it's a great idea! xx
    No problems hun....I think there was a bit of a falling out thereafter the fist catalogue came out! Anyway, a quick call to Leeds will help sort you out with options! xx
    hey, im not 100% sure about having to do their apolymer/qmonomer acrylic system first before doing there hd one, but they do work differntly , ie , ratios etc, i would think if u have done acrylics before you could do the hd conversion no problems, its pretty easy to work with once youve got the ratio right.....hope youre well haze x
    hi ya, the hd system is fab , i love it ! but i tend to use the hd powders and the qmonomer as i like the 2 together but thats just me !! Georgie smedley is bout 1 hour 10 mins frome me and i in thetford,( and norwich is bout 25 mins from me ) so i dunno how far northampton is from you but i would ask if u can go to georgies if its closer for ya and she is brill too , just thought id say incase its easier for ya to get there instead....your more than welcome to come to mine oneday and try out the hd stuff if ya want ...haze x
    Good question! Well firstly you might want to choose between getting someone to design your site for you, or if you want to do it yourself. Both Seanny and myself do web design on here, for example.

    If you choose the DIY route, then there are providers such as Freewebs and 1and1 who offer "site builder" templates etc, where you can use pre-defined templates to make your site instead of having to code HTML etc yourself. However you then need to think of whether that will give you a unique enough look compared to other sites that have been built using the same templates - the chances are that you would need to do additional customisation to make your site stand out from the crowd.

    Then there is software like Dreamweaver and FrontPage for designing web pages; however you will then need to think about transferring your site from your local PC to the web server (e.g. using FTP).

    Or you might want to be really brave and hand-code your web site in HTML yourself! But that would be recommended only if you have a lot of time to experiment or are a bit of a computer geek already!

    What do you think?
    Hi Janey

    Thanks for your message. Aye, I do design websites, or will happily advise you on designing your own. What did you want to know?
    Great to see that you are also holistically minded thats more the way I tend to think of treatments, it's not just about the outer it's also about inner of the person, if you know what I mean!!! X Can I be cheeky and ask you to be my geek friend?
    Hi Janey K many thanks for requesting to be a friend the othe day.
    I'm still getting to grips with the site so wasn't really sure what to do when your request came up! Got a new phone on Sat and that's bad enough will take me days to get find my way around that!!!! Oh my God the brain cells are disappearing fast! X
    hi janey!!!

    no i have not get the software yet!!
    but my salon is ready i'm so glad happyyyyy nou i have to get some more and more cutumers and i want to have a site also that is something that i read here on geek that helps with the clients!!
    do you have a website hun!!!!!

    kisses mujeka
    Im looking into going on the popit course but not avalible in my area till sep.. Have ordered some popits this morning to get some practise in...
    P.S your nail art is FAB.. I wish I could do nail like yours It would be great...xxx
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