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  • Hello, just a few questions about the power plate if u dont mind me asking. Insurance cover, do you have to have seperate insurance? Training, do you have to have training and have a trained person on duty at all times.. and how much do you charge per session. i will have a spare room in a new salon opening end of May. I live in Leicester and the only power plates I can find are in the big gyms where you have to be a member. Sorry for the questions but at £7000 it will be a big investment for me on top of everything else. Thanks for your time. mjs
    I hit my head on a cabinet at the shop today and I now have a small cut and a bump RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY FOREHEAD! Nice.
    No problem :green:
    It'll be interesting to see how long it lasts, but it seems fine today so here's hoping.
    I hope you've stopped f*rting and being sick in front of your clients! Made me laugh! XXX
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