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  • Hi hun how are yo getting on. Im loving shellac. I used to have 3-4mm of nail bed as Im a nail biter but now I have lovely long nails and always get complements on them. I have only just started advertising for nails, I have normally just done a few friends, or friends of friends but I need to start earning a decent wage now so have finally done it. It came out today so Im hoping that I will get some calls soon, I so love doing nails but need to get more regular acrylic clients so I can build up my speed as Im so slow still. My nails always look lovely but I take sometimes 2.5 hours to do a complete set. I know that this will get better with the more I do. How are you getting on. Have you lots of clients for shellac or acrylic as well. Anyway, message me. Abi
    Hi Hun
    How are you getting on with shellac now. Im having a few problems and feel like banging my head against a wall. I have done 3 french shellac using dashing diva and they have all lifted after about a week at the corners. Have you used the dd with shellac and how are you finding it. How are you finding the colour as well. I only tried the cream puff once and found that this chipped but maybe im doing the whites too thick. Anyway, let me know how you are getting on. Thanks. Abi
    sorry was meant to reply to you but completely forgot. I have placed my order for shellac and its ment to be in next week. I cant wait ti try it. How have you been getting on with it. What colours are you finding are most popular. I am ordering the salon rack, fedora and tutti frutti and poss iced capuccino. Abi
    Thats a shame, I want the fedora as its very popular, hopefully by the time I order mine it will come back in. I have put my stuff on ebay, people on here hate ebay but im addicted, I always sell loads of stuff on there. I have lots of stuff I listed today, I cant wait to order my shellac. To be honest I dont need the new lamp but wanted it as it has several timers and also you can put five fingers in there but you cant in the brisa lamp and my friend is buying the brisa one off me for a good price so I thought what the heck, treat myself. lol. Think I will just stick to shellac and gels for toes, or even acrylic then, cant afford to buy another lamp, my hubby will have a fit. Abi
    Bet you are so excited, im just selling off my surplus stock to pay for shellac but I cant wait to do it on my nails. Let me know how you get on. I loove the l & p but its very hard, I love all of the glitters. I have never tried the minx, it just seems very expensive and lots of people have said it doesnt last. How are you finding it, have been thinking of trying it but havent got the heat lamp and yet again alot fo outlay at the moment. What shelac colours have you gone for. I was gonna get the salon rack and t6hen the fedora and tutti fruiti, I have sold my brisa lamp so I can get the new cnd lamp, its so nice so thats about £300 I need. Better get my stuff sorted to sell. Abi
    Im gettin gon ok, seem to be getting better, just trying to get my room done so I can start advertising. Cant wait to get the Shellac. Have you got the shellac and tried it, if so how did you find it. Dont hold your breath for the CNd shop in essex, would love there to be one but dont think there will be one in the near future. Im just trying to save up for the shellac kit and lamp, if there was a shop then I could buy a couple of colours a week rather than spending £250 on them. I better start earning soon before my husband starts asking me to sell my kit. lol. Ax
    Hello that's okay I thought that it was you! How was your trip to Rome? No worries we can try one of the other lotions next time if you want they are getting good reports so they may last a bit longer!! Looking forward to having my toes done in a few weeks, I've started rubbing smoothing cream in so I can have smoother feet!! :)
    Im in South Woodham Ferrers, near chelmsford. where abouts are you. Just had a look at your profile. Did you do your CND course in September and how did you find it. This site is great, im so addicted, always on here having a look at peoples pictures of nails. Abi
    Hi You!
    LOVED my training! So excited, can't wait to start!! Going to need lots of practise to get the hang of things (that's where you come in - if you don't mind!) How are you?
    Nails looking FABULOUS by the way!!
    you're welcome, I hope you enjoy it, if your tutor is Ketan he is hilarious! have fun and let us know how you get on :hug:

    anne xx
    Hi ya hun hows things going? Are you on face book? I joined a NSI group and they are hoping to do a drop in day in the south east wohoo bout time!! xx

    Hope you dont mind me adding you as a friend! Was wondering how you are getting on with your gel course?? Mine seems to be going slowly!!

    Hope you're getting on ok

    prettymiss xx
    Not many at the moment im having about 2-3 a week so not bad i guess!! I jumped straight in tbh i did my friends nails a few times my mums mine and a fellow geeks and then started advertising there nothing like working on real people!! xx
    Trains not to bad i guess how long does that take? I havent done anymore sculpting but i did enjoy it the other day may have another play tommorow after my client has been. xx
    Thats what i said to hubby but we did route map from here and its a 4 and half hour drive!! plus we would have to sort someone out to look after our son!! mind you i havent looked at train times and prices. xx
    Yep £200 per hour!! Last time i spoke to them the conversion was free if not its £50+vat so still not bad is it? Its 10-1 so only 3 hours so not bad but its getting there isnt it quiet a hike LOL x
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