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    Creative Master

    Hello, I do not know, if here in Germany the Creative Nail Classes are the same as the UK or GB.... I am a technician for 3 years and I want to learn more and become better. Creative does a 2 day class ( 4x4 hours) and its called "Master Class".... you will learn how to do a perfect French...
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    Word association - the resurrection

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    Empty bottles & cuticle oil?

    Why can`t we buy these in Germany??? We do not have these little solar oils, I would like to buy them..... :sad: Diana
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    To belnd or not to blend that is the question?

    Oh, I thought I have to blend the tip, because it is then more "rougher"..and that the gel or powder does not adhere well to an unblended tip..(?)
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    File control!! Part 1

    Hello, äääh... can someone put a photo in here?? I do not know, if I have understood all the steps and would like to see the correct way of holding the file..... :confused:
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    Creative's New Abrasives

    Hello, I have the brisa kit and I like the abrasives!! After using them i went to my CND distributor and wanted to buy them but they told me that they are not available here in Germany :sad: will CND sell them here or not?? I hope..... Diana
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    I always say practice..

    Where can I get the CND Video "Winning nails"? I`m living in Germany, the CND distributor here has no Video from CND........ :| I would like to buy it..... Diana
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    Odourless Acrlylic

    Hello, I would like to know that, too. I have heard that there is an odorless liquid from EzFlow but it is not as good as the "normal"... why is this so?? Why can`t there be a liquid that does not smell so strong...a lot of people do not like this smell.... what`s about the product ( I do...
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    Brisa or Retention?? Natural nails

    Hello, Tomorrow I have to do a french manicure on natural nails.... would it be better to do it with brisa or Perfect colours and Retention??And how do I do it the best way?? With Retention I`ll do my prep and than apply Product like I would on a tip..(?) and with Brisa?? First a clear gel...
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    "good" or "bad" liquid??

    Oh, thanks for that info....I did not know that! Why does another liquid not the job of cleaning my brush?? hm, maybe somebody knows... I´m so interested in the product chemistry..want to know why a product works and how.... nobody there who can answer my question about the ingredients of...
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    "good" or "bad" liquid??

    Oh,.... here are the ingredients: Ethyl/Methacrylate, P-Hydroxyanisole ( Phenolic Polymerization Inhibitors) N,N-Dimethyl-P-Toluidine, Violet#2, Blue#1.
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    "good" or "bad" liquid??

    Hello, Today I was in a nailstore ( for professionals only) and saw a new liquid which I did not mention before.... I only use Creative but I got a little of this liquid for free because the shop ownder said that it would be as good as creative.....I think it will not be quite as good but it...
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    non blendable tips

    Hello, I do not know if I have really understood this... I can cut out the WHOLE contact area and aply the tip without it? And then do not need to buff the tip for better adhesion of the powder?? just put the tip on an do the overlay???? And if I cut out the whole contact area then I would...
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    Hello, this is what I have found: Die hohe Qualität unserer Produkte Creative Nail Design / MAHA und die damit verbundenen gründliche Ausbildung wurde belohnt: 1. Plätze bei den Europäischen Meisterschaften 1988 + 1989 + 1990 + ... + 1998 ( 9 von 11 Meister) Auch wieder Deutscher...
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    I only said what is true. I have a "handbook" from alessandro, what a friend of mine gave to me when she did her course with them. And in this book there is a copy of the chemicals in the L&P products from creative. and alessandro writes "the liquid damages the nail, it can go into the blood...