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    Hi Zoe, Your inbox is full so I'll post here instead:) I'm having difficulty finding a...

    Hi Zoe, Your inbox is full so I'll post here instead:) I'm having difficulty finding a brilliant intimate wax trainer in Scotland. Currently in the salon we use Perron Rigot wax and the girls go to a local training provider (who sell Australian body care wax). I would like to further their...
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    Gelish at sallys for sale to the public!!

    Are Harmony suggesting Joe Public prep their own nail plate - ie etch? If so, i do feel that is a bit dodgy. Its going to be interesting to see how this pans out, it might work out ok in the long run especially in the UK. We seem to have a population of people who mostly 'dont' have their...
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    No problem, you're welcome:) Dont worry about the grief, you weren't at all out of order and I...

    No problem, you're welcome:) Dont worry about the grief, you weren't at all out of order and I dont think you deserved some of the attitude you got from NH particularly!! how rude considering how supportive you've been of Gelish on this forum.
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    Gelish selling to untrained people

    Is it true Gellish will be sold in Sally's soon? or has it arrived already?
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    Much call for sculpted nails?

    I hear you all, and i still disagree:) - thats allowed remember. I think spending the time it takes to become an expert sculptor is EXPENSIVE - time is money in this business - we all know that! Its not necessary to spend that time learning the really difficult skill of sculpting (dont...
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    Any techs in Oslo or Exeter?

    Thanks, she would be a regular gel polish client for you, do you do shellac or gellish or something similar?
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    Any techs in Oslo or Exeter?

    Hi Geeks, Being in St Andrews, I have a few tourists coming my way. They often email me asking for recommendations in their hometown once they get home. I have 2 such requests at the moment - one for a client in Oslo and one in Exeter. Any techs from these parts, let me know and I'll...
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    Much call for sculpted nails?

    Sorry for late return to this thread, hectic couple of weeks! I really did mean it when I said that for business reasons sculpting isnt necessary. Yes I can sculpt, it took me ages to learn how to do it - I spent far longer learning how to do this than I should have done! As it turns out, if...
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    Much call for sculpted nails?

    I think loads of techs do things just for the fun of it!! Its my opinion that sculpts dont look better than tips, and I also think that spending all the time that is required to learn sculpting is a waste of effort if you are doing it for a business reason - its just not necessary. Each to...
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    Much call for sculpted nails?

    I can sculpt and do so occasionally for a repair of a chip but that is the most I do with sculpting. In my opinion tips are better looking, easier to work with, stronger and quicker. No contest. Personally I wouldnt spend much time trying to master the art of sculpting unless you just like...
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    New to Spray Tanning - application advice

    Try a heavier spray. I think its worthwhile doing a load of guinea pig clients at the begining - just charge around £10 until you get a feel for the gun and the spray. x
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    Renting a room at Fitness First

    Hi Lorraine I used to rent from Fitness First and I would say that it was a brilliant thing for me. I was just finished my training and I offered really good prices to get as many services under my belt as I could. The room rate was excellent so I still made decent profit. I would say that...
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    Suggestions - Kate Middleton's nails

    Thank you Geeks, Very natural I think you're right. Wonder if she will go bare with no product on? The pictures of her engagement her nails were really short but all consistant in length. I couldnt really tell if there was product on them or not - they werent particularly shiney so I...
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    Suggestions - Kate Middleton's nails

    Hi Geeks I would love to hear your suggestions as to what Kate Middleton might have her nails like on the big day? Anyone got any clue what she normally wears? - looks like on her engagement photo's it was a clear polish maybe? Also seen a few hand pics where her nails look very very short...
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    OPI Training??

    Both of your training options sound good, it's a choice. I only have 2 things to add- I personally would feel slightly uneasy about the changes afoot at OPI- I have no idea how that will pan out for salon business. Secondly, i think it's the practice and research that you put into your skills...