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  • I know lol thank god for that i've organised some product training for acrylic with a company called young nails, it's on £30 and includes all products. Debbie who i've organised my placement uses it and the pink is a really nice natural couler, thought i'd do that to build confidence up again x
    Hi, how are you ? dreading fibreglass ! will you be ok to be my pedicure in a couple of weeks still x
    Have you heard about Michelle Ashley beauty school in Northwich, they do facial courses. 1 day a week over 6 weeks. Irene is a friend of mine and is really good
    Yes it's me. Did you enjoy the show? I managed a quick look around the show but don't think I saw everything. Nice to meet you and thanks for taking the trouble to find me a send a message. x
    Yeah kids have been in bed for aboout an hour, i've got course work to do for my other course but keep playing sculpted on the nail trainer !!! I've kind of decided that ill never get a job in a theatre so whilst the kids are little i'm gonna shelve the whole idea and concentrate on this. i do live on salon geek to be fair so think it might be the best way forward. i look forward to the new gel x
    lovely to meet you too.
    hope nails are o.k
    not the best conditions to work in, so hectic i always worry i forgot something. its like being a beginner all over again !
    lol i did that yesterday, the way to look at it is that if you do them proplerly which you will there will be minimal damage, so better a client come spend their cash with yourself and have as healthy experience rather than a mma market drill session lol x
    was it good i was dying to go, i've been busy designing my leaflets and starting to think about web sites ect x
    I have just edited the link
    click on Home and then look at the Fibreglass system, the pink silk is found there
    You will miss Jess when she goes to school, (don't think you will have lots of time because it never happens) I am sure I had less

    I've got my link i just need to print them out, was it all the g units or just the health and saftey ? x
    Hi , hun got home from college and couldnt remeber your surname i have no memory !! thanks for the add x
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