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  • Hi hun, how ru?
    My sister is having a boy, booked in for a csection 23rd dec, so I'll be home in time to see him :D
    Uni is going great, I break up on monday for just over 4 weeks, wooo!!
    Hows the salon going??
    Hiya!!! i thought id tell you to make you laugh!! I replaced one of the girl's minx the following day.... the other one had glued the free edges down with nail glue to prevent them lifting... so as soon as id done the new set she glued hers down as well!!! lol!! god know how theyre going to get them off!!! haha!!! xxx
    Hi!! I think it would work fine for you. Depending on how heavy handed you are ... you may need 3 coats of the builder gel, if you are just painting it on, to give you the strength if you are heavy handed; otherwise you will have to build an apex with it. A case of 'suck it and see' ... If you can cope with 2 coats or 3. xx
    Uni has only really just started, nothing exciting happening yet but I am sooooo happy to be there :)
    That's fab about the salon, well done you!! :D
    Oh, I'm gona be an aunty!! My sister is due to drop at xmas, Im sooo excited, can't wait! xxx
    Omg how rubbish am I, I havent been on here for MONTHS.

    Well I just started uni, its all enrollment crap at the moment though, very boring, lessons kick in next week. Yea, still doing nails, at same salon, part time though. I just wanna do something more arty and leave the nail industry behind, hopefully this will be the right career move for me!
    Did you get your tattoo?xxxx you on facebook?x
    Just popped in to say hi to a fellow welsh geek! i`m in cwmbran. I love your website/boutique/nails etc.
    Sarah xxx
    Ooh skiing?! Fab! Hope no bones were broken!

    I'm good, I have just been accepted into UWIC to study art in september...lol total career change for the future.
    Hows business going?xx
    Lmao Jayne they're my 2nd set since I saw you last! Hahahaha :D

    Glad nails are hanging on ;)

    No gossip as of yet, it's all been boring!

    You posted a visitor message on my profile a while back, thought I had better apologise for not answering it...I have not been online for a while, and do so very rarely now, as I am slowing down with my workload ready to have a baby. I am based in Blackwood. You said that you were a Welsh Geek also, where in Wales are you from? Sue x
    hey there. I happened upon your albums and saw the photo of your "nail lounge". It looks really professional, made me think of a french parlour. Very very nice.

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