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    If I could do it all again

    Hi I couldn't agree more, I do wish I had gone with more well known brands I bought in to OPI Gel big mistake everyone in my are only wants Shelkac I have now given up on nails and do other things now. I made costly mistake in my choice x
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    Sienna X training?

    Hi Aayspa That's rubbish you had bad experience with Sienna initially I did trainer did not turn up, but they re- arranged date and the lady who came was superb although the actual spray training took about 30 mins , but all the info given was fab booklets etc. If I was you I would have...
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    Does anyone who works mobile suffer with anxiety?

    Hiya your not alone honey my anxiety is ruining my life, I used to take antidepressants great however I ground my teeth terribly with them but they definitely helped I stopped as my dentist dpsaid I would lose my teeth due to grinding. But I now take proprandol for anxiety does not take away...
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    CND training for a newbie!

    Sorry meant Shellac and Minx I hit my keys to fast x
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    CND training for a newbie!

    I agree try to do CNd as I made the mistake of going other route I trained in beauty 20 years ago left my job as causing me to much stress decided to refresh skills as although qualified had not done any work for years , but I bitter,ey regret not going with CND you could as suggested do...
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    OPI Gelcolor (new shades &) brochure

    OPI very disappointed by whole gel system :(( had problems from first word go trained in gellish Gellux and OPI and I hate it left with full kit which I don't use now as disheartened by it , and to now hear dissing another Company : Surely OPI are a big enough brand without having to do that...
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    New trend - duck feet shaped nails

    Not likey they look weird ok for Halloween Lol :eek:
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    Matte nails - thoughts?

    Omg simply loving these zmatte Black nails :Love:
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    Top tips for removing a patchy tan?

    Hi Lay in bath with oil st tropes good but pricey:eek: massage gently whilst in bath with face cloth go over areas several times when soaking should do the trick bath will end up filthy :eek: but then just shower and apply plenty of moisturiser always works for me HTH xx:biggrin:
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    Hi Gemma Sorry but really not sure if message being sent as can't see it :/. Many thanks for...

    Hi Gemma Sorry but really not sure if message being sent as can't see it :/. Many thanks for offer I do appreciate it but just can't accept as too much of a loss:(. Yes I purchased 3 colours bu Sally's took bac as I missed delivery I called and they have returned. Many thanks take care Jacqui xx
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    First set of EE's - Opinions please

    I'm no expert but they seem fine to me if this is your first set as it really does take a lot of practice x I have done about 8 sets and know it really would take more to get perfection x
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    BeautyUK @ NEC - Missing Exhibitors ?

    I would like to Thank the lovely Fiona Wallace who was kind enough to give me advice on the Fingertips in Edinburgh:Love:
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    For anyone having a bad day

    Thank you for sharing :D still giggling x
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    Feel so down, I've been in tears!

    Don't give I kno how u feel what about going Mobile beyond your Village or networking as said above that's what I'm going to do as my business is just friends and a random I off xxx Don't give uh lots of :::Love::Love::Love:
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    Hi Gemma If £300 was too much could you please tell me what you were willing to offer as...

    Hi Gemma If £300 was too much could you please tell me what you were willing to offer as really want to sell. Thanks Jacqui