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  • OMG, I've only just seen this post, I'm so sorry!
    I decided to go with Dermaquest at the end -after a lot of research. They were really good. I've done a DealCloud deal for £25 for one session and I'm hoping they will continue to buy the other 2 or 5 sessions -as it's recommended a course of either 3 or 6.
    Have you made any decisions yet?
    P.P.S I love my peels and have had great results! So if you can they are worth getting in! :)
    Hey There JC,
    I'm not sure what the laws are in the UK (I am under the assumption that this is where you practice) because I am in Australia! :) But I would suggest by looking at Weezies reply that the rules are somewhat similar. In Australia therapists can legally apply Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic peels up to 70% (and realistically you would not go above 50% unless you were very very experienced with peels anyway, you can get great results without going higher). Anything above 70% and you must be a doctor to perform the peel. The reason people mention certain pH levels is because the lower the pH of the solution, the more aggressive it is on the skin. If you do decide to use peels at home the skin care company you purchase from should be training you in all areas and explaining these facts to you in more detail as you will also need to know what kind of skin types are suitable and unsuitable for peeling. You can cause irreversible damage to someone's skin even at lower percentages if you are not well informed as to how to use the products and what skins they are suitable for.

    P.S. I would suggest when you have time you should fill out your profile stating whether you are skin/nail/hair geek and what systems you have worked with. Members tend to look at profiles before deciding to reply to questions. The reason being that unqualified public often join and ask questions so that they can try and do things at home and if we give them advice and they use it things can go horribly wrong :(
    I hope my advice helped you!
    Nicole :)
    Hi, Yes you can use glycolic peels up to 30% and physicians can use up to 70% anything higher than 30% would mean the client would need to take time off to let their skin recover and they would have to stay indoors. Also with the higher peels they may have a general anesthetic.
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