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    tinting brows

    Agree Victoria. I too am a "Cosmetologist" , licensed in all thee above. Actually,doesn't that mean we can give advice in all areas even though we may not practice it?:hug: I also color my clients eyebrows with haircolor. (last time I posted that on the forums, i got my self in some hot water...
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    Good bye

    Hi All Hair geeks.. I am saying goodbye. I wish you all well in your hair en devours. Take care all. Just remember..do not use pantene!!:) TaTa
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    First client, made me cry

    Bless. These type of clients are so far and few between. They have lived a lifetime and know how to really appreciate others. give yourself a big hug! You made that Ladys day!
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    Winter on its way grrrrrr

    Oh sure Sassy..:lol: That is like suggesting we buy Creative P&L from Ebay!! or even QVC!! You don't know what you are actually getting. Buy from a the distributer. Money back guaranteed if you don't like it. Aveda also make a Curl enhancer product as so does Joico, Wella, Pravana, TIGI...
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    which hair clippers?

    Wahl Clippers are good clippers. Yeah some are cheap , cheaply made. These are for those who are not going to be using them every single day several times a day. A quick buzz on the old husbands head or the kids heads..they work just fine. Sounds like you need a new blade for it not a whole new...
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    How your laws work..

    Not understanding this.. For our own health? If we use only the customers files and sanitize them before and after use..What better way of not spreading anything to other clients. Eh? But we can use the same sanitize-able file on every client! ??
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    Help!! Ridiculously Greasy Roots!!

    Did you type this right? You are saying to apply extra friction .. but this will get the glands to produce more.. confused!:eek:
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    Working in the USA

    Even if you are licensed in the US already , even by Creative, if you move to the state of california, you will have to take the state test all over again. So Creative is regonized, but that just means you won't have to take thier classes. Our licensing over here is a bit diff ...once you take...
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    How your laws work..

    Washington State: 1800 hours for cosmetology-all testing is done on computers- the students do not have to do hands on demos anymore. 600 hours for nail tech don't know about estitician We NOW get inspected once a year. I have worked this industry for 25 years and it has only been in the last 4...
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    is it worth the risk?

    Better check with the companies house? and check for rules and regs on this. I know here in the US, we can use the same name as long as it isn't in the same state or as long as the name hasn't been trademarked registered. Like Creative is a registered trademark name.
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    eczema on scalp,need advice

    Sorry hun the only help I can give you is go to the doctor and get a prescription for it. My son has it every once in a while and has a prescription ointment we apply. You could try some scalp therapy by Nioxin. It helps many skin irritations including yeast infections in women. It helps with...
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    retailing cuticle oil..

    I usually sell it for 100% the cost of what ever I bought it for. If you bought it for 5 dollars..sell it for 10 dollars. Most peeps who do retailing will sell it for 100% over cost or more.
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    Help Me! I Know You Can!!!!!!

    I would be depressed if I had to plan my own 30th B day party too..:D What about calling up a bunch of friends and have a surprise party for him at his favorite pub or bar and then when you get home, have candles and a pretty lacey outfit, entice him into the bedroom where you will give him a...
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    Haircoloring and pregnancy~ please help

    http://www.salongeek.com/hair-geek/55145-colouring-while-pregnant.html here is a link that will answer your question.
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    Product recommendations for root lift

    a bit of backcombing at the roots .. hairspray at the roots... and if that doesn't work better start thinking of which light socket you are going to use, :D