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  • Hiya, thanks for your message :)

    Yeh I am, it really made my day when I read it. I had to read it twice to make sure I read it correctly lol. It really does mean a lot especially as I qualified with CND in November and only really started properly doing nails in February. I would love to jack my 8-4 job in but not quite financially able too :(

    Your nail pics are lovely and your smile lines are perfect! Something im still desperately working on.with my l+p :) xx
    I'm working part-time from home(Willington)but looking in to renting a space in a Salon or above an hairdresser.
    Hi Jeanette just had a quick through your album, love the gitter nails (body of the nail), do you have a problems with your business set above an hairdresser. I have found a room to rent but I am worried that clients walking up stairs will be a problem.
    I know Woodville, I used to live in Church Gresley. I have a tan client there, next time im passing i will call in and say hello.
    Hi there, I have a few clients that regularly use the sun beds and wear lashes and so far there lashes have been fine. As long as they keep them clean it should not cause to much premature lose.
    I've even had the odd one go for a bed after there patch test when I told them to keep them dry and no heat for the first 24 hours....some people just wont listen eh.
    Ive only been lashing for months so cant really comment on what you were told, however if this was true surly this would mean that you should not exercise to much either as this would have the same effect and that doesn't sound right ??
    hi there did you get you lash and sunbed question answered ?
    if not I might be able to shed a little light on the subject excuse the pun lol x
    yes thats correct.i applied the white tips by just sticking the "ears" down and then applied an opaque powder to zones 2 and 3 and applied clear over the white tips.good luck and remember to take some pics.x
    Awh thanks a mill for your comments... yes us Leos like to light up rooms as we go in :lol:... I always loved the fact my Birthday fell on a bank holiday... Thanks so much for the pic comment on my french paint.. I sweep from left to right in one go.. I think half the battle is using a good polish.. I use Misa heaven white (Get it from nsi and it's a great price) or CND enamel.. I had to practice loads before I was happy with my french paints.. a really light touch and then sweep from left to right.. don't worry if you get a small bit on the skin cause you can clean that up later:)
    Just at a peek in your album.. lovely work (I love the natural look nails) x x
    thanks for your lovely comments.i really like those glimmer nails they look fab and even after 3 weeks.i dont think your as find behind as think.x
    Oh wow thanks very much, I have just booked to do my Flirties lash training today, I look forward to the day I can do a set as good as you. xx
    Hi Jeanette
    The way to make them look fuller is to use a shorter length but thicker lash extension, this way it wont be too heavy for the natural lash, and you need to get at least 80 extensions in per eye,
    we have the mascara and sealant available now for you to retail to your lash clients, the mascara makes a huge difference to the appearance, and makes them look a lot thicker, let me know if you want some to retail and i will give you more details,
    i am using the mascara to promote the lashes through Dec, feel free to take a look at my special offer page on my website as it may be something you might want to do too to try and get some clients,
    hope this helps, feel free to message me at any time for advise hun xxx
    Hi Jeannete

    Thanks very much! Course now done - had a great day if a little nerve-wracking!

    I am sporting a set of purple and black lashes!
    I got the pre designed tips from ebay over a year ago before i knew not to buy from there, hth xxxx
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