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  • Hi.

    Sorry to mail you again, but just wanted to know are you still interested in training for spray tanning?

    If you are then I'll keep you in mind, otherwise I'll just delete you from potential delegates.
    the glitter tips are NSI hun, ready mixed from the technail kit. I also have some other glitters that i mix with my clear powder. young nails are my main products and they do lovely glitters too, and have opened a shop not too far from me, but i cant go ill spend far far too much!! xx
    Thanks hun! its going well thank you. I have a nail trainer hand so it helps with everything! And am getting more and more people to practise on too and charging my models rate so alls good. Going to have buy more product soon though lol!
    i should be taking before and after photos all the time but always forget.
    Have fun practising hun! xx
    Hi Louisa, sorry I have only just seen this message. I sent it back I didn't rate it at all, a lot of money for something you could learn yourself IMO!! Kim
    hi hun i think u have the wrong doodles not sure??? i cnt remember posting anythin about glitter tips......although we currently mix a very fine glitter from art shops with a clear acrylic powder an do nails as norm!!! xx hope this makes sense xx
    hiya sorry i didnt replt on msn the other day, when i finally was able to answer you had gone offline. hope you are ok! hows everything goin x
    it was the 6th day of the foundation, think u can do it seperate tho. its one day man & ped buyt u dont neeed a model. im leavin now xxx
    Hi hun, aw, sorry to hear about your kiddies :( at least it's not right on top of Christmas! I would be your nail model but you're a bit far away (I live nr Portsmouth)! A girl on our day 5 had to bring her boyfriend as she was let down by two people at the last minute, he looked lovely with p&w acrylic on his bitten builder fingers, lol!
    Glad you're enjoying it so far, are you at Crawley with Denise? Don't worry about the primer, I forget to use it all the time, it's only really an extra 'sticking plaster' and as long as you get all the cuticle (put cuticle remover on and kind of 'moosh' it round a bit on the nail and leave it on for a good few minutes, you'll see it lift off like a skin on custard!) and don't touch the surrounding skin, you'll be ok. The exam was one point for one question, no multiple choice! Don't read too much 'in-depth' stuff, you won't need it, but you will need to know salon hygiene practise do's and dont's and the anatomy of the nail. At least you have another few weeks to revise ;)
    If you need anything, give me a shout :) Sarah xx
    hiya just got back, day went really well we all passed the test! and my models nails are so much better than the first ones! i bet you was gutted, r you going to have to put a new set on to your model?
    Hi hun, how's your training going? Did you pass your driving test? Was the course how you thought it would be? All these questions, lol! I'm off on my 5th day tomorrow, rebalance one hand on my model and soak off and new set on the other hand. Glad day 4 is done with though, that was the exam day! xx
    Hi ya - I am so relived to have passed the course - just need someone to employ me now so I can get more practice! How's your course going? x
    hiya ive done two people so far, might try an do one more. i haven't been doing pink and white though just plain then painting them they look really nice! i haven't been revising i'll probably leave it untill the last miute. did your boyfriend make you take them off?! lol
    kewl, ur very helpful i love to know everything! one question tho, you know the rebalance model you bring in well what sort of state do their nails have to be in? my friend is coming with me and on the date she is coming in as my model she would have had her nails done 4 weeks before is that ok? x
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