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  • Hiya Jane, I love your drive, you really want to be a stylist (are you mad lol, bad back and aching legs) No i love hairdressing i live n breath it.I only take on self employed stylists with 3 yrs experience,i have an apprentice ,wed, thurs, frid.Dont have help on Saturday but cant afford any more out goings, as theres so many bills having a shop, i am looking for a beauty therapist to rent my newly built room, typical you dont want to do that,dam.You really do need salon experience though,as when your qualified everyone will want to know about salon experience.The problem you will find is if someone employes you they will have to pay min wage due to your age, when your trainee is below 19 it's £2.50 so you can see the problem.I hope you find something soon, all the best,Paula.x
    Was wondering if you'd found a salon to gain some experience? i have a salon in Overton, Nr middlestown.Paula. p.s why are you not doing beauty?
    See you had a good day at college hun!! I changed my brush it was the best thing i ever did! xx
    Thanks for the lovely message hunni, I feel terrible but I know that it was for the best, the house just feels so empty now its awful, now all my babies are back together at last though so I know hes in a better place. xxx
    I am reiki practioner who is going to be teaching this from autumn onwards, am still going through masters.
    if i can help in anyway, let me know.
    Hi Jane, thanks for the post.. ive just recieved my pop it's through the post and i feel like a proper nail tech as i have just done perfect nails!!!! so much so i have a booking next friday although a lot of people would prefer them done with a brush but for now im happy
    Sounds good hun. I would get a NSI starter pack of gel to you will be amazed the difference it makes!! x
    Be happy to act as a waxing guinea pig. Where abouts in Leeds are you? I'm in Leeds 14.
    oh i was gunna go there but couldn't afford it,lol i think 1 or 2 of the teachers taught at salmas not sure though.
    Aw cool i'm just doing my level 2 nails there at the moment then level 3 hopefully.
    All the staff are great and they give u so much support i love it :D haha Where in wakefield u from?

    We have just posted the winners today, and have sent your details off to the company supplying the prize. Give them a few days and I'm sure you will hear from them.

    LOL ive found i get the best smile lines when i use well-less tips as i can follow the well with my acrylic. x
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