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  • Hi
    I've just read a post of yours and thought i'd send you a quick message incase this is of any interest. Although I think prob a bit far out for you. I have a salon based in keighley and we're currently looking for a nail tech. If you're interested to know more please pm me.
    Thanks x
    Hi i noticed you live in Barnsley and that you are mobile, i also live in Barnsley and thinking about going mobile too. Do you have many clients? xxx
    Jellytot, are you a mobile nail tech in Barnsley? I think I've seen you in yellow pages. I've just replied to the thread about the free NVQ in nails. I live in Elsecar, I start mine on Monday and I am doing it in Goldthorpe. The lady I arranged it with is called Lynn and she can be contacted on 01709 882071. She said that there was only me and another lady doing the course that starts on Monday, so she's trying to fill it up. xx
    Hi with regards to your ad asking about possible prt time / room to rent we are in the process of looking to set someone on, on a self emp basis, check out our website Adele Jones hairdressing hairdressers spray tanning - Barnsley South Yorkshire hair extensions, highlights, under tones, or give me a call on 01226 731726, Adele
    sorry only jus gettin back in touch. Yes it would just be 50 /50, no extra rent.At the min we dnt have equipment for gel but will be gettin it in shortly. But as the position is classed as self employed you can chose which systems u want 2 do urself neway. Where abouts do u live? What qualifications do u have nd how long hav u been doin it for. Thanks Chloe
    Aw he sounds like a nice doctor, something else I meant to say to you I was advised by two different guys at Ezflow to let the alergy completly heal up before doing nails again,if youve already got it, just trying to stick different stuff on it to get round the alergy may aggravate it.I soaked my acrylics off and didnt do nails for a couple of weeks and it completly healed up.
    Sorry to hear its not working for you , god how frustrating it is, how many sets of nails you doing a day? Im only doing them here and there, but I did find the Vaseline on my fingers , flexiwrap and vinyl gloves helped...but tbh the vaseline and gloves does feel a bit yukky together..lol...you cant beat working with bare hands ah. But I used the gloves in a bottle yesterday when I done some infills and my hands seem fine today.

    I phoned Creative about a l &p demo kit, they ask for proof of training so youll have to post or fax it over, I then recieved my retention kit, which I was quite pleased with, the retension is primerless too.At the moment I use Ezflow,which needs primer and bonder.Ive always wanted to be a cnd chick so theres no excuse now..well apart from finding £100 for the conversion course..lol..but atleast thats cheaper than a gel conversion which I was going to do originally because of this allergic reaction.
    Take care Debbie.
    Well results, gloves in bottle worked and also using Creative l&p worked seemed to of cracked the reaction..thanks for your post its been very useful.Debbie.x
    Hi, Ive got the email now thanx, Ive ordered the ..gloves in a bottle..keep fingers crossed it ll work ah , Ill let you know, in the mean time Im getting a free sample from Creative to see if Im allergic to their product too...take care Debbie.xx
    Hi there , did you try pm ing me hun, inbox was full...now been emptied, so you may have to send it again ,it was about the ..gloves in bottle...Thanx.xxx:hug:
    Thanks for your message. I have now recruited someone for the maternity cover but will definitely keep your name and number should I ever need any further help in the salon. Thanks again
    hi,sorry i've not replied sooner but not been online in ages,i advertised in my local shop,had some cards made and gave them out at my kids school,and word of mouth really
    hope this helps xx tracy
    Agency work it basically signing uo to temp or perm work, they give you the assignment at salons, spa, etc etc.

    Worth a try, there is loads out there.

    Put it to google to search.

    Good luck,

    Hi, not overly fussed about time experience, it's more about work standard as have had bad experiences in the past! It is on a rental basis at the mo just saturdays with potential to build your own hours as to what you want to do. I do always ask for a trade test. Hope this helps, if you want any further info, pm me.
    Kat x
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