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  • Sorry for spelling mistakes, I'm on my iPhone in bed lol x

    Ooh and I change them every couple of weeks
    For a long time now I have just been wearing Gelish in my natural nails due to a shoulder problem that affected use of my hands also.
    BUT it's recently started to
    Improve after psyio so I'm back to acrylics,
    It takes me much longer to do my 'wrong hand'
    But generally with a log
    Of concentration and patience yep they look the same,
    My nails underneath are perfect, I take a lot of care when I'm working.
    In the beginning of my career they weren't I did ruin Them a little by practicing and removing sets with force instead of soaking,but I'm a good girl now :0) Gelish helped that too though, my nails got so much stronger once I started using that.

    Hope this answers your questions :)

    Sorry it's taken me so long, I don't get onto geek much lately
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