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  • Hi i saw a comment you had replied to someone else about training them to do spray tans. I too live in west yorkshire and would like to become trained at doing this.
    If you could get back in touch with prices that would be great. Thanks. Brooke.
    Hi jen i have just seen you teach spray tanning. I'm currently in the process of moving to germany with my husbands work and only have 5 days left in the uk, I am currently visiting family and friends around yorkshire and was wondering what areas you do. Also do you provide a credited certificate for insurance and how much do you charge? If you could e-mail me please, thank you
    Hi there,
    also have come across a post saying you provide tan training..
    im based in mirfield and currently studying media hair and make up so adding tanning would be a great advantage to my skills..
    im also new to this site so still a bit baffled at the mo so if you could email me regarding training id really appreciate it x
    Hi Jen
    I noticed on a post that you teach tanning in the west yorkshire area, but the post was from 2008, do you still provide this? can you please PM me more details please?
    many thanks
    Hi Jen, got all the new stock etc now back in the hallway at home - it's a bit cramped here! :) I'm sharing an airless room with a podiatrist - so using the clippers is out 'cos I can't easily clean his office! I think I've got another more permanent place near home - and I'll be going back for a chat on Monday.

    I'm doing OK in my head - it's just knackering setting up and breaking the kit down and packing it away every day - and I've lost the ability to just text my colleague to turn on the pots - so I have to organise myself a lot differently!

    I'm sure all will be OK eventually. I'm really humbled by the warmth of so many people here - thank you so much.
    Hugs back, hun xx
    Hi Jen. Thank you for your message. It's tiring being pregnant at this age isn't it!? I got home finally on Monday, we managed to get an earlier flight than expected and I posted your platinum mask yesterday. Included an extra one to say thank you for your patience x
    Hey honey, didn't want to reply on the thread as it would be a bit off topic, and seem as though I was trying to argue (which I'm really not :hug: ) but just wanted you to know, I did check my facts on the M&S vouchers.

    From the M&S FAQ page (M&S Gift Cards - frequently asked questions: Product Information: Help: Marks & Spencer)

    Is there an expiry period for my Gift Card?
    Gift Cards are valid for 24 months from the last transaction (transactions include balance enquiries). Any remaining balance will be cancelled on expiry of the validity period.

    So effectively you can use keep it for 2 years and then as long as you spend one penny of it, its still vaild for another 2 years...and so on, indefintely.The paper vouchers are two years....I have one sat in front of m that I was given last year, and its still vaild for another one yet!

    Hope you are well....hows life as a Granny? xxx
    I'm not always good at making room in my pm box - I'm too lazy LOL - but for future ref my email is zoemasson @ hotmail . com (but without spaces!) x
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