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  • if it was up to my daughter,wed have a zoo, lol shes animal mad,played up in the pet shop yesterday,because there was a cute baby bunny and she wants it ,aw bless :)
    I don't cope, my other half and I take it out on each other and argue to the extreme!

    We've just taken over from a guy who had a very bad reputation so I have to be nice! But I think they've taken that the wrong way and thought we can be walked over. It's just professionalism of the staff. Not reading magazines in front of customers, the qualifications that they have and how they use them. Not working essential days etc etc. Read the post I recently did in the biz forum about paying staff for training! xxx
    thanks for the rep hun, hope you get it sorted! I'm only down the road from you, might pop in for a treatment myself lol xx
    Big hug for your post.....

    I've just taken over a beauty salon and I'm 23. You definitely don't get respect from others, and easy enough for people to sit down and say tell them this, tell them that, it never quite happens that way. Staffing is the biggest issue with me too.

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