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  • Haha yeah I'm back tomorrow. When are you off? Can't wait to get back, I have missed my auld nail throne
    Hi Jennifer, did you post the tube the same day as the order.? Order came tube ...:(
    Happy New Year Jen, ooh U know what that is don't you?!? Can't wait.
    Hi Jenny, how's things?I'm lazing here thinking about a manic 2 weeks ahead of me cos I'm off to Spain the 11th. Exciting about boot camp, will you be doing it?
    Very good. Learned loads. Made a big effort to do super job. Did Kelly pass any remarks?
    Just getting directions. I have to take exit 9 but then I'm getting conflicting advice. Left onto Knockmitten lane, left onto Oak road or left otno Killeen road, continue onto Nangor raod then left onto oak!
    Good idea, Joe's sister is a chef in there. Is the academy far from the cow?
    Hey Jen, what have you in mind for wednesday after training? Just wondering as I'll be staying in Leixlip and will have to make arrangements
    O great idea, I'll look forward to it. After the training ? Drag Kelly along?
    haha yes, or follow me around asking do you need that? Maybe I should just bring hubby. lol
    good girl, ok thanks, I keep saying I'm not buying anything else but then think..hmmm.Goddam!!
    Hi Jen, do you know do they have any of the shellac wall racks? and how much? sorry i know you're off this week
    Seriously, apart from bits and bobs don't need to order any products for about 6 months!! Although I did run out of clear forms today and I never run out of anything, hate that but want to use up the Gelish and Yn products that I have . Running a special next week to get some of it moved
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