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  • So you didn't win the lotto. Excited for the training, trying to get through all my old stock , it lasts for ages when you want to use it up!!
    All good here, I'm trying to be good and not buy a heap of stuff, want to use up my Synergy Gel up but I have heaps of it. I know if I get Brisa Gel then I'll use it instead. lol.
    Great thanks, how's it going for youse now . did annemarie's first shellac training go well?
    I don't suppose you know what the plans are for a custom colour enhancements training
    I will call you in the morning and pay for it actually , |I want to get \Brisa to practise with anyway
    Well MaryEllen how are you now. Saw your posts on the s2 fb about kelly rocking in to toewn. excited !!
    I'm going the 11th-25th August, normally don't go for 2 full weeks because of work but don't care now because of the crappy weather. My brother is in fuengirola and my noece is in granada , I love going to Spain, I'm sure I'll eventually branch out to the greek islands or italy cos they do sound fab but Spain is so handy and I can speak it so there's no drama. I will be calling in an order enxt week anyway as I'm put of a few bits.
    hellooo,yes getting the time is impossible...i am now doing mon through to saturday. by the time i go on holidays i'll be fit to just collapse on a beach and sleep. hows things up in the big smoke?
    The Intral soothing range would be super for your skin type. You would need the soothing cream and the intral serum. If I can root up any samples I'll post them up to you.
    Ahh thanks, I'm not complaining it's great for sure. OK manana I promise.x
    yes, i was up to my 2 eyes all day. i'm quiet tomorrow so i'll post it first thing. sorry. i also have to ring you about that order. jeez, you'd think i was making millions!! but the day just ran frm 1 client to the next...
    Hello my lovely, I'm now well rested after the event & my feet are now glad to be back into flats. How's life as a square? Are you being kept busy?xx
    Hi Jen, are you open tomorrow. Just as well I never placed that order I have to add to it.
    I would so love to be there ... but I have the most important job that day looking after my grandson while the ones who really count are there to support you. I will be there in spirit though, and look forward to meeting you at the EVENT. xxx Thank you for taking the time to write to me. xxx
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