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  • hI missus where are we staying , is it the village or the devere hotel. excited now , it'll be great. you have so much happening at the moment though, suppose when you get the open day out of the way you'll be buzzing
    yes we are, got in there sharpish cos both mornings start at 8am and i'm a swine for getting up so the nearer i am to it all the better and you can't get closer than that!!
    Haha, I know! Doubt you can miss 2 blonde scousers! We'll be the ones with our rollers in and false eyelashes!! haha ;-)
    Thank you too. Yes i'm going to the event with my cousin who works for me. So excited i can't wait. Are you coming alone? You'll have to come and say hi. Tag along with me and Clare if your on your own. Its just going to be a sea of faces though, lol!
    Tina x
    LOL! :) I don't mind those actually!

    I have an aversion to be called "mate" though, particularly by those who are definitely not my mate! Yeah mate. Course mate. :)

    Or maybe I'm just a grumpy chicky-hunni-princess-scwincess-sparklepops :p
    Looking forward to meeting you there Jen. Heard you did great at S2. X
    Yep - I'm having a doss day today and enjoying the bank holiday - just ate an Easter Egg and don't feel one bit guilty :lol: - So when are you starting your new job then? - you must be so excited... I know you're like me and are just addicted to all things nails.
    A little birdy told me you have a new job? - well done... you'll be amazing; just wanted to wish you the best of luck X
    You updated your status on fb ya mad thing. How did you manage that. Tell all
    That's good, any word since on the new shop , when are they hitting town?
    All good, have my wardrobe sorted out at least. Have eyelash extension training on the 7th so will be more excited when I get that out of the way. How's business?
    A lot of rubbish there. Shellac good price.20% off . Tan tan and more tan
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