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  • LOL I don't think so - As far as I know it's only a UK thing, but never say never ;)
    great, thanks. just one more thing. do i book dublin to leeds or is there a specific airport?
    that's brilliant, will i send you the money for my half now or will i give it to you then?
    hi jen, got ticket, will you book a room or will i. just busy at the moment
    sounds fun. ok I'm off to the auld leaba now (if I can manage to sleep) I'll message you tomorrow one way or the other to let you know if I get a ticket....nite nite
    well do you mind if i tag along with you assuming i get a ticket...i will have to fly out from dublin too and would hope to stay in whatever the handiest hotel there is too
    jesus, how did you manage that. did you already sort an account with s2
    You're way too much of a perfectionist that's what's wrong with you - imagine sitting on a bus that's going over loads of bumps and do that nail again ha ha ha ha!!! - I was on such a high from doing the classes that I didn't feel tired at all - it's so lovely to get great feedback like yours cause I put a lot of work into that class, so I really really appreciated your thread xxx
    OMG I'm raging I should have recognised you from the pic I saw of you when you got your Certified Salon - LOL I remember telling you, your work was too neat - In the afternoon class I told the girls to pretend they had a shake in their hand for that one to work out well LOL!!
    Awwhh that's brilliant!! - I'm thrilled you enjoyed the class - see, I told you it was easy and not a striping brush in sight LOL - why didn't you tell me who you were yesterday... I'm raging, I'd have loved to have had a geeky chat with you - the others would have thought we were nuts... you calling me Angel and me calling you Jenbella ha ha ha
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