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  • I just want to say thank you so much for that lovely thread - you've made my year!! :)
    Exactly a authorised EA would say you need to buy this list of stuff from here, or you can buy it on the day from us. If a EA is saying any old lamp is ok, then they need to be reported, can't see that they would but if they are.... That's terrible
    Does seem very odd, I know on my CND l&p conversion the kit was in with the price but the course is pricey, my shellac course was a lot cheaper, so def think you would have to buy it all in advance as the lst of stuff would cost loads that you have to take, plus all your own shellac in certain colours, nothing is provided. I think it's someone unfort misleading the poor girl, makes me so angry, because she woud probably nly find of when she comes to try and get insurance. I know I did a gel polish course, not a branded one 1st (I new it was not branded), just so I coud see what the products where like, which I bet is what she has booked unknowingly.
    Thanks for the heart :)

    My fingers are crossed that in someways it's not a CND course because if it is she is being given terrible advise and info, which is so wrong, glad that hopefull it gets sorted. X
    Hey thanks for your message dont appologise its ok :) going ok I think just my bloody nerves im still like it but every week I beleive i'm getting stronger. How did your logo go? I'm sad to get one so early but I got it because it will keep me going and believing. We started on eye treatments on a tuesday evening and waxing on thursdays I'm getting there with waxing I think but still its the confidence thing and the touch and using pressure a bit more and not being to frightend to do so, I hope it will come one day :) Hope you are well lovely and business going all good. Thank-you for taking the time to reply and listen to me go on and on lol x
    Hey, Hope you are well, just wanted again thank-you for advising me to post that enrolment, still pretty nervous each lesson but getting there. I hope you are well x
    Your welcome, it's nice to know what's going on and to find out what may happen here...and hopefully soon xx
    we are just around the corner from each other, really :) nice to meet you, JenBella! :)
    Hiya, i responded to you but looks like my phone is playing up :) this place is quite addictive i have to say :) nice to meet another irish geek :)
    Awwh thank you for that lovely comment.. my client has a deformed nail on her middle finger, so not quite the perfect french ;)
    LOL... well thanlk God for that.. I was so confused when I saw your new name... I was like "who the heck is JenBella"? :lol:
    Thank you so much for the rep.... hey am I going nuts or have you changed your name?
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