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    Please help with facials

    There is a huge choice on the market for salons deciding on a skincare range- generally therapists are already pretty familiar with a number of different professional ranges so it just comes down to personal choice and whether they are aiming more for the relaxation end or a more clinical range...
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    ITEC or VCTC - please help!

    There is no additional credibility in ITEC because of CND choosing them as an examining board. In the UK CND haven’t offered the ITEC for 2ish years – do they actually still offer it in Ireland? In London branded training is not recognised for licencing & you would not be able to gain a licence...
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    ITEC or VCTC - please help!

    Hey Fisou, My email address is jenny.rochford@sweetsquared.com and you can reach myself or Eileen who is our CND Education Ambassador here in S2 Dublin on 01-4089191 Sarah- that is great feedback- thank you for sharing that. It definitely helps to have input from peeps who have 'been there &...
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    ITEC or VCTC - please help!

    Just saw this- sorry we obviously cross posted! You definitely don't need a car to get to us, Luas is close and bus stop only a few metres away. I get it that transport can be a problem sometimes- I live in the sticks! BUT - and this is a big huge massive BUT- sometimes it is worth the...
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    ITEC or VCTC - please help!

    Well if you are feeling that way about a particular place then go with your gut feeling. To be honest, a complete nail technician course is usually classed as a level 3...and it should cover all systems. So the course you are looking at is not strictly true as a Total Nail Technician- you would...
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    ITEC or VCTC - please help!

    Oh and I would also add- you need to find out exactly what you get in the kit- which brands are provided. It is no good having a generic lamp and generic system as you will only need to replace these once you decide which brand you are wanting to work with as you must use the lamp that is...
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    ITEC or VCTC - please help!

    I am based in Dublin and I look after Sweet Squared Ireland. A complete nail technician course should cover all systems- how long is the course you are looking at doing? VCTC is a good qualification but you need to bear in mind that what is taught in college can be quite different to real...
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    ITEC or VCTC - please help!

    Hey Fisou, Fellow Irish girl here! I think the majority of qualifications here are ITEC, CIBTAC and CIDESCO and that generally seems to be what is asked for by employers. As long as the course you are doing is covering off everything you want to do and you are sure the college has a high...
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    Irish friends-where do you get your IPA?

    Hello, You can purchase 99% IPA from Sweet Squared- it is called DSperse and comes in 250ml or 1 litre bottles. It is important to use 99% IPA to get the that perfect super shiny finish. I previousy used a lower % and it felt almost gritty and definitely looked duller. Hope that helps :)
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    CND lamp

    Ah with Olga? Fab! Both lamps are awesome but the LED lamp is a faster cure time, much neater size wise and you never have to replace the bulbs so the higher price point pays for itself fairly quickly. You should have received an email with what to bring to class, feel free to give us a call...
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    CND lamp

    Hi Tara, You will need a CND lamp in order to do the class. Whereabouts are you doing the training?
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    Sweet Squared opening hours?

    Sweet Squared open Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm and Sunday 10am to 3pm Hope you got sorted today x
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    New site-app?

    Love the update! So much easier to navigate round and much easier to use. Great job
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    SalonGeek 3.0 Important Changes

    Doesn't load for me either
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    CND Shellac Gold

    Both Grand Gala & Locket Love are beautiful but I think Locket Love will work amazingly well for art as well as a stand alone colour. It's the perfect shade of gold that suits warm & cool toned skin, I've always found it hard to find a great gold but Locket Love is a beaut!