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Jeni Giles
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  • Hi, jeni, I see you mentioned blazing highlights, is there any info you can give me as I'm considering buying some thank you x
    Hi Jenny I think its really great to keep up the inspiration with the students , I hope it all goes well with the sheer genius , I am thinking they had one over here with Bev Cobella and Aidee , they were judging young stylists of the year , it was very good
    I loved to watch it , a young man won the comp I like Beverly Cobella she is great at Razor cutting
    tee hee regarding fat .... lol I was always a skinny minny .... now I am not too fat but started to get a bit of a muffin top around 40 ish .... all my life I have never eaten any butter milk margarine or fatty food as I hated it , I hated red meat
    I only eat chicken fish and all boiled vegetables rice etc , but from my late thirty's
    I was told I had genetically inherited high cholesterol levels which I tried so hard to keep under control ..... but no matter how hard I tried .... it just never worked.....just kept creeping up, but I guess it may have been even higher if I never tried so hard .... strange isn't all this it genetically inherited stuff ?.... anyways good luck with the Marathon though am sure you will do really well too :hug: x minky
    Hi Jenny :) the Shear Genius and have you heard anything yet ? is it a
    Marathon for charity ? ..... well you will certainly be feeling fit after all that, and you know what they say.......
    what doesn't kill you will make you stronger :hug: lol so many questions :) minky
    Wow so much work , I am tired by just reading it :eek: I dont know how you do it , good luck with the comp , it will be a really good experience , it does ring a bell ..... I will look it up..... I am doing ok been busy over the Easter doing hair extensions on family mainly lol , once a hairdresser I guess .... I hope to get away this year as my Mum was very poorly last year so we canceled our hols, but sadly she passed away before Christmas.... its been a rough time for all , so hopefully a break will do us good .... it helps coming on here though.... anyways big hugs to you and your family,
    :hug: x minky
    oh god hun i hope you didnt take what i said the wrong way !! i really didnt mean you have a fat behind i was talking about mine hun , oh i am worried now i have really offended ya , and i sooo didnt mean to :hug: x
    Thanks oodles for all the encouragement. For an educator to have so much confidence in me, means a LOT.
    Giant hugs and shall keep you posted on whether or not my brush survives the trip LOL
    Hi Jeni , Wow you seem like you know so much i am 20 years old and planning on starting cosmetology school soon ... but unfortunally i had a hair disaster at a color expert salon with bleach the hairdresser that was doing my hair had 35 years of experience and i guess she wasnt really paying attention or idk but she but the bleach overlapped and my hair broke from the root on the back it was terrible my hair naturally is a level 2-3 and i wanted to achieve the level 11 i had been doing the procedure for a year when this incident happened but now im letting it grow back brown but i do still want to be the blonde i have been dreaming of becoming ... i hope you can advise me
    ps sorry for the long story
    ah thanks for my reps.....just one more exam..perming and i have passed level 2 woohoo...then onto level 3 advanced...thanks mate xxx
    Hi Jen how are you ? hope you are well , just wondering if you may have any more input on the recent red maji contrast thread , as I know you use Loreal products a lot ?
    thanks in advance minky :) :hug:
    Hey Jeni , How you doing ?
    hope you are well, :hug:
    I haven't had much time online lately either :hug: xxx minky
    Wow what an offer :lol: , I could never teach colour as well as you :hug: ,
    you really are an inspiration to all your students :hug: , you have some great ideas and are a fabuloso teacher, I would love to pop in though if I am ever over that way :hug: xx minky x
    Hiya Jeni , I so love bleach too lol x I love using differing peroxide strengths to get lots of beautiful golden and creamy foils going on together, in a mousey based head of hair xxxx
    I don't know what I would do without bleach , love it, love it, love it lol x , hope you are well :hug: minky x
    Haven't been around for awhile but thought I'd stop in and say HI to my "neighbor" - from Laurie in Idaho :)
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