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Jeni Giles
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  • hi i just made a comment on ur nail critique and i had to say its not my cup of tea but i had a look on ur albums if u didn't mind i really like ur work with hair...u r very creative and also the nails r lovely...xx
    Wow , thats really nice of you to say so , thank you very much Jeni , xxx minky
    Hey you too hun - I have had a fab day actually got washing drying on the line for the first time this year yay (our garden is north west facing and quite damp). Am searching for a self-catering place in Antrim Northern Ireland for a week in the summer and have managed to find two that I like that take dogs, even better.

    I like having a productive day, makes me feel good.

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi again , I'm just off to bed now , so Ive just popped by to bid you good day x and I'll say nite nite xxxx minky :hug:
    Ah more cleaning - thats what is addling your brain - Don't do it !!! Mind you, you do have to move around slower so as not to disturb the dust:green:
    Hey hun, hope you are well and your weekend away went OK.

    Here is a little noty for you to brighten up your day.

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog hun , its much appreciated :hug: x
    Hiya Jeni, in your picture above , I always think that you are traveling on a bus with the window behind you and that pole is the grabbing pole ,must get new specs lol x hope you're not working too hard x
    sorry Jeni. There was a thread about this eyelash fluff, you put your mascara on then add these fluffly bits, then mascara again and it makes your lashes really long and thick.
    one of the geeks bought one at the wholesalers and raved about it, but it got a bit out of hand when it turned out to be one long advert for a particular company.
    it should have be closed but its dragged on and on and on.
    I spent Easter Monday in my bed with a rotten headcold for company, luckily hubs was off so got some TLC, am much better today - sparklybits did my nails for me (am off to Italy at the weekend for a week, woo hoo) today and I also feel much better. Also have lost 2lbs Yay.

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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