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  • If you do go to Pulsar, make sure you go to the correct owner of the brand name.
    The legal owner of the brand name Pulsar IPL is the one down in Llanelli and not in Crosshands.
    You can check this out by going to the patent office web and doing a search.
    Hi Guys, Sorry for not visiting geek for a while. Had loads and loads on.
    Annie..Botox, I'm in contact with 2 aesthetic nurses. What area are you looking for? I know a great company.
    KIM, your my face book psl, I will mail you xx
    Suzie..Not sure what dip you mean?
    love jenny x
    OH thank you so much I feel great,...Did you see what I meant about the dip in my eyebrow lol...xxx
    Jen I am so happy with them... really pleased I did it. Thanks for lovely comments x
    Can i pick your brains hun ? I am 25 but have premature ageing on my forhead,it's quite bad really,do you have any recomendations ? Thanks
    you are very welcome mrs geek, I do hope you and your family are well.
    I'm off to vegas on bank holiday..to buy my vacation home.
    What part of henderson do Sam's parents live, is it a nice area?..there are many parts, i'm sure we will search high and low. I love green valley at the moment..oh, and Mc D's ranch

    also, do you know a great nail place in vegas? fancy a treat while in town.

    I'm having some advanced permanent cosmetic training while in town with one of the worlds best, she is one talented lady, we struggle to keep up with the US on various treatments..they are soooo advanced.

    I'm looking forward to those slots ringing sweet nothings in my ear $$$$$$$$$$$$$ I wish

    Vegas 14 nights, i'll be crazy when i get back

    jenny x
    take care and best of luck

    p.s// i never got to thank you for your free training voucher, i have had such a busy time with my clinic's over the last few months, i have even started my nursing degree to get acceess to LV in the very near furture..busy busy. Just not had a chance.

    On a serious note, if you are near Londn then i would rec that you visit 144 harley st, www.permanent-makeup.com
    Debra is known to most and is a great tech, she has a great right hand called Geraldine..they do fab brows, it's your face and the most looked at area of your body. go with the best. and good luck
    Jenny I never thanked for your kind offer. I miss posts too :hug: My problem is not enough hours in the day right now!! I appreciate it though and hope to goodness that I will get someone professional to deal with them when I can! xoxox
    Mrs Geek, I will take you up on that meet in Vegas..I can see us tapping our fab CND nails on those roulette chips as they come flooding in on our lucky spins.
    Take Care and I will be back in Leeds soon for a Mr Geek training day.
    Lake mead is fab, but.. I love lake Tahoe WOW

    Jen xxx
    No he was born in SLC Utah.... (only 1 wife as far as I know...), love going out to see his parents though! xxx
    WOW, how cool.
    I'm looking forward to those warm long summers, I would love to have you as a friendship geek, thank you:hug:
    Was Sam born in vegas?

    Jenny xx
    Jenni hey doll... you're buying near Sam's mom and pop!! When we are there for the summer I will let you know. We are going to do a house boat holiday on one of the lakes xxx
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