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  • arrr glad you got it sorted in the end , did you have any 1-2-1 nail training with any local geeks from here im having a problem with my building my really flat nails in to a curve also fan nail as stupid as it sounds haha, yeah hope i get them then i'l be all ready to set up , thanks hun x
    haha ... did you get the problem sorted with the council and parking ? the zenspa items and the manicure kit with the mask thanks hun
    Jen no prob i will have my fingers nad toes crossed for you. Please let me know how you get on. Love ya to hun night night!!
    Hi Jen good to hear from you, have you decided to concentrate on just waxing then? I don't blame you, best to concentrate on what brings the money in I say. I've set up at home and i absolutely hate it, i've been moping around all week cause I've had no clients all week apart from one tomorrow. I've not advertised or promoted myself at all since leaving tan2go, basically because I'm not happy with the set up, it's not what i want, had a few tears aswel this week. Drove past tan2go the other day and guess what, shes advertising the room again and a nail bar in the shop window, could you imagine working downstairs allday with her looking over your shoulder aLL THE TIME-NO THAnks! feel like packing it in Jenny but don't know what to do, spent so much money on nails it seems a complete waste if i just give in but it's causing me stress at the moment! take care love andrea x
    Hi Jen. Of course....give a call and we can discuss it all. 07739 832 328. Thursday is good for me. xxx
    Hi jen, I know the feeling! I was dreading today, first day since leaving, the boys didn't want to go back to school, took the xmas decs down so everywhere looks cold & boring & just wondering what to do next? I find it irritating keep explaining to people why I've left. My rent was due this weekend so I told them to keep my bond as last months rent so that sorted that problem out!! I'm so glad to be out of there to be honest, i always felt as though i was working for julie not myself so i shouldn't be upset. It will make me laugh tomorrow when I go past cause she said she's going to advertise the room!!!! She's just trying to rub my nose it, Ian has told me they are winding the buisness down & it's on the market, she say;s they arn't and are going to give it a shot-she justs wants my rent while they wind all the block-bookings down. Hope you have a sucessfull year jenny xxxx
    Hi Jenny,
    Just trawled through your thread.......OMG ruffled some feathers. So I decided not to add to the thread, I would not think you have MMA nails, the prep was far too gentle.
    Darling enjoy your new nails, yes ask questions, I think you will find it is all OK.
    Happy New Year Hun.
    Love Angela x x x x
    Hi Jenny how are you? just thought I'd let you know I've moved out of Tan2Go. Too many lies and messing about so decided to get out while i can. Nothing on the cards for me as yet. Funny how things turn out isn't it? Hope you are ok love Andrea x
    Hi Jenny, ah silly me did not have my phone on me earlier, d'oh! Have had a nice afternoon in town with Sonia anyway. We're having a nice break; I am back in work on Monday. Have spent a lot of time tidying up and sorting the house out, tis nice to get housey things done :)
    Happy New Yeari'm too hoping this to be a good year, do you still want to meet up this month, i am lloking forward to you showing me your skills. xxx
    Hi Jenny are you feeling any better? Tan 2 go isn't closing afterall now, Julie wants to try & make a go of it so it looks like it's staying open. I've been busy this week but only got a couple of clients next week. Hope you are doing ok & getting excited for xmas! love andrea x
    Hiya Jen, I'm ok, still unsure what to do, don't want to make any hasty desicions yet. there is a room going at Imagine but not going to take it, I feel drained this week Jenny. How are you bet you are feeling the xmas rush! love andrea ps thanks for your message x
    Hi Jenny.
    Just thought I'd lt you know Tan2Go is closing. I leave end of Dec, they won't give me a closing date because I don't think they know how long it will take to wind it down. Think Gillian and Ian have split up, gillian left working at the shop 2 weeks ago & it's all gone down hill since. Needless to say I am gutted, Ian has offered us the whole place to rent but we can't afford it & I havn't got the time to run a full-time buisness.
    All that work for nothing, feel like packing it all in, i know that's a negative reaction but that's how it makes me feel.
    Hope you are ok & getting plenty of business your way.
    Take care love Andrea x
    Hi Jenny. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my pictures. :hug: I'm sure your nails are great! Don't say it like you can't do it, be positive and say you can!! So many questions I can't remember half of them but I'll have a try.

    Got my dried leaves from hobbycraft and I do the same thing with them as I do with the lace, I stick them to the tips with resin before I put the tip on the nail. This way I can trim around the smile of the tip carefully and get a good smile.

    With the holly I just put 3 rhinestones in the gel topcoat, cured then put a small dry bead of green l&p on and pulled it outwards in each direction to get the leaf shape and pressed the tip of my brush in at the sides to get the holly shape.. then indented the line down the middle with the tip of my brush before it cured completely.

    Just have a play about Jenny, that's what I do. I used to change what was on my little pinkie nearly every other day to try something new. :hug:
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