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  • Sorry hun i don't know of a 3 week glue, i only use the ones for the permanent lashes,
    yeah it would be good to meet at last, when ever you feel you want to do the training just let me know, im pretty flexible with training days,
    Where i am clients don't like to part with their money so i put it on my treatment menu at £100 and have regular offers of half price, this gets them to have them and then you make your profit when doing the 2 to 3 week infills hth xxx
    Hi Jenny
    We have two prices for the flirties courses, one has a bigger kit than the other, £350 and £550 the kit that comes with the £350 has enough products for you to apply approx 75 to 100 full sets of lashes and of course includes all training needed,
    the glue retails at £34.95,
    yes we charge a lot more for these lashes, you can charge from £75 to £150 for a set of these depending on your area, (i charge £100).
    I can see a problem with using a stronger glue with the clump lashes,
    when the clump has been on for a couple of weeks and the natural lash has grown slightly, the clump lash would become too heavy for the natural lash so instead of coming away from the natural lash like they do with your glue they would stay attached to the natural lash and the weight would cause the natural lash to fall out prematurely which is why they provide a temporary glue with the clump lashes hth xxx
    Hi Jenny
    Thanks for the compliments hun,
    which training course is it that you are wanting details on ?
    the glue that we sell for use with the flirties lashes is good and strong and will last from 2 to 3 months hth xxx
    HND in beauty therapy...I am a bit like problem with everything is lack of practise...i cant even get the odd person to come to me for a freebie lol...
    lol nope...actually I fell asleep downstairs..I am waiting to see a consultant about sleep apnoea lol...wish i could sleep at proper times...I have found myself falling asleep in lectures lol...doing my HND xx
    Ah right, wow it sounds even more manic than our end! With me it is mostly work and whatnot. Are we going to see you on Saturday or will you have a house full?
    Hi Jenny thanks for your pm, i'm up to my eyes in it tonight but will send yo a pm tomorrow to give you an update as I am going to see gillian to get something sorted. Will let you know tomorrow love andrea xxx ps what a day, i don't think i'll sleep tonight xxx
    Hope you are ok hun, sorry have not been on here much; am on a totally manic one at work this week, such is life!

    I tried it one th smaller fingers and it looks good... was i bit afraid not to spread it out as I was worried it wouldn't spread on nail place. but it seemed to work. my middle finger has a small amount of bubbles but im picky other people wouldnt notice.. xx
    Hi Jenny.. You will need rehab Lokking at the pic off my feet.. lol. I used a dotting tool with the white for smile lines I find it helps as still get problems with gel smile lines.. xx
    thnks for comment on popits. CND performance tips.. clear CND l&p. Pic not that great. I am doing my mate the mora so will take a few better pics hopefully.. xx
    Hi jenny
    use two balls if needed place in popit dont pat in to area just let settle then place on nail and it should spread under the popit? xx
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