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  • tahnk you hun, The room is looking fab, will take some photos for you all to see, mind i am tired
    jenny xx
    :hug:Hi Jen just read your posts hunny. Hope the home beauty room is going well. Sending you lots of hugs and good luck. Donna xx
    He was fine. He has been nothing other than supportive, even know while all this is going on he is here for me. The problem is i have been there done that got the t shirt with mobile and had very few clients coming through. You leaflet drop, and just here nothing, were as in the shop i am having ladies booking back in, it is just issues i am having with the ladis that all. To be honest they have said they want me to do well, its just these other bits that i have discussed with you that have hit a nerve x
    sounds like you need some tlc hun, your husband is right, theycould be trying to help you and perhaps because you sold your brand new car you are on edge about whether it will work or not. You can make it work in your favour through mind over matter. your husband seems like a calm person (and so do you) however I think this has to be a joint decision. what did your husband say when you sold the car? Hope he was ok about it.
    thanks babe, might take you up on that hun, pm me your number and i will give you a ring next week to sort out a time xx
    well thats not too far hun, get down to me and i'll sort your brazilian out for you!!. Glad your first day went well and good luck xx
    hi donna, thank you so much, were abouts are you, my brazillion will need doing soon lol x
    Hi Jenny, just read a bit about you and thought I'd post you a message to say good luck in your new venture. I set up on my own in December last year, went for training with Kim (shes fab!!) and things are going really well. You don't live far from me so thought I'd just say hi and if you need to chat or ask anything give us a shout!. Donna xxx
    Thank you chic, that would be brill, i am scared to death just took a room on i must be mad, but i thought sod it lets go for it and if it not work i have lost only my pride. So i have got alot to do in a very short space of time ahhhh and products to buy plus some practicin and my house needs blitzin. Could you write me an application plan for the acrylic and any tips chic, only really strugglin to find
    love jenny
    Hi Jenny

    Would definitely let you practice on me! Not sure If i'm experienced enough to offer anything other than my opinion though. Tend to leave education to the experts.

    If its only a second opionion and practice you need, then i am more than willing to help you.

    Sorry i didn't reply to your earlier message but I was working/sleeping!

    I work 19 hours per week elsewhere because hubby is self-employed and its the only way to make sure the mortgage is covered!

    As for the nails/tanning, I have been mobile for about 15 months now and business is just starting to build up. It takes a long time to get a decent clientelle base. Most people only want nails for odd occassions and don't want the expense of maintaining them.

    Kids parties and pamper parties are a winner though.

    Good luck with your venture!
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