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    Diabetes and pedicures/massage

    Yes as per the last post, this totally frustrates me, I have type 1 diabetes and have had for over 24 years now and find it totally frustrating to read about doctors notes being required for pedicures etc, we don't need a doctors note for travelling overseas, going through customs, going...
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    Can anyone recommend a Gel System?

    Hi Well all I did was acrylic L&P but I was being asked about gels more and more so felt I had to investigate. I've tried LCN, Light Elegance, Star Nails and then found the Akzentz range and have never looked back,no cracking,yellowing and very strong. Karen at Nails Plus Beauty is excellent...
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    Curing 2 nails at a time?!?!?!?!

    I've read somewhere alse that a technician was having problems with Allessandro just cant remember where too many boards to read! My friends had problems with both product,training and customer service and in the end moved to a different product with no problems now. I use the akzentz range of...
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    Curing 2 nails at a time?!?!?!?!

    Hi It could also be your UV lamp, when did you last change your bulbs?, the older they get the problems start. Also where is the product lifting from? If its the free edge make sure that you are capping the free edge.
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    troublesome client.

    Hi Is she on any medication e.g HRT or have a condition such as diabetes? I had been doing one of my clients for 6 months with a gel overlay then bang she started experiencing lifting after 3/4 days, we tried to continue but no success, and as she had broken a lot of her natural nails and...
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    Problem with gel lifting

    Hi A couple of my friends experienced the same problems with Alessandro both with lifting of the gel and customer service. I am an L&P girl, also use Bio Sculpture gel for my clients who are not enhancement lovers but loved this as it could be soaked off and added a harder gel middle of last...
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    product removal method

    My clients have loved this method since I changed over from the traditional way last year and they are happy to pay the £16 I charge which includes mini manicure. And it makes a great selling point for a parrafin wax pedi once they feel what it does to their hands they can't resist trying it on...
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    Just as I thought things were getting better.........

    Hi You say she's a nail biter and short nail beds. I always recommend my nail biters to come once per week for the first few weeks expecially as they are likely to pick causing lifting to start, they never tend to admit it but they do usually pick until they get used to having nails. I also...
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    Strange Request(funerals)

    I've had two of my clients request this for when as they say meet the big man! and I think I will find this difficult as I know them so well, whereas I think it makes it that little bit easier when you don't knowthem. My mum has alsoasked me to make sure her nails look as good as new when the...
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    help eith bio

    Hi If you can list what you currently do, I may be able to help,I have been using Bio for 2 years and have tweeked the process myself to get it how I like it. Regards Jenny
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    What should I do?

    Hi How difficult is it to juggle everything job and bringing up children. Money is key, the bills are always there. I was really struggling, I am lucky I have family to look after the wee one but I do limit this so that I get to spend time with him. I have to say my husband has been so...
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    Natural Overlay Thickness

    Hi I use Akzentz gel and when carrying out overlays I just make a slightly thicker aplication at stress area. I apply first layer thin starting from cuticle and working down the nail, cure then second coat thicker again starting at cuticle but concentrating on the stress area and making it...
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    so annoyed

    I also haveto say up here in Scotland Liz and Toni are superb and now with the new training centre and distributor offices which have opened its great, but I can sympathise with the Mail order side, I always had problems aso would just travel over to the salon to get products otherwise I'd wait...
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    Changing gel product on client

    Why would you want to remove product after 3 months, unless I see any problems occuring under gel,any lifting etc. I would just file down thin and apply gel whether french or natural until the other nails had grown up, this really shouldn't take long, all my clients change to two weekly appts at...
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    Lots of Creative questions - help please!!

    I was also told last year by Scotlands HO that it would be approx £160 which included the kit for a conversion course,and I just couldn't afford that kind of outlay at that time here's hoping this may change as Id love to do the conversion course. Jenny