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  • hi, before I order can you let me know if you can mix the medium and dark liquid sun? I think the medium may be a little light for some of my clients but the dark a bit too dark?
    hello, you sent me a sample of liquid sun and I loved it, I want to purchase some asap but wow products are out of stock. Ai have started advertising myself and have put Vani-T as my solution. Have lots of people wanting tans but can't get hold of any! Any ideas? Also do you have any samples of the fusion? Thanks a lot!

    Amy xx
    hello, received my sample from you today, thanks a lot! I have already used on mum and it looked great! Would it be possible to email me a price list? I have tried google but am struggling to find stockists or prices. my email is Also if you have any samples of the Velocity that would be fab, thanks for all your help x
    Hi Jen, Thank you for your reply! I did leave Hayley a message as I didnt want to ask you for another sample! I would love to try this as I am getting so many calls for last minute tans but people dont realise they have to prepare and wait! Thank you, Lisa B x
    you must edit your profile and disclose in the space provided, that you supply products and services to the industry. This is now a requirement on salon geek. Save the info and then a yellow asterisk will appear beneath your avatar so that all are aware. Thanks
    Hi, I hope you dont mind me messaging you, I've seen you on a few threads on here and wondered if you'd beable to help me or point me in the right direction! I am about to embark on spray tan training but am torn between who to go with and, like most people, which product to go with! I prefer to use an organic range and aside from tantrick and Karora, vani-t comes up highly rated and i'm intreged to know what its like. When i have had spray tans before they have been st tropez so my personal experience is limited! Can you suggest where i go from here, who i might get intouch with for a vani-t Spray tan? and whether vani-t do training? what are the costings? I'm so sorry for blasting you with all these questions!!! I really hope you dont mind!
    Thanks so much, hope to chat soon!
    Hi can you please tell me how I can get samples of Vani-t tan solutions? Thank you. XX
    hi hun thank you so much for the sample! Cannot wait to try it! Himself is spraying me next Sunday as have tantrick on at the mo but cannot wait to try it! Thank you again big x
    Awww thank you hun what a lovely message! Thank you for the add and can't wait for my sample! Love n hugs x X x
    yo jen! i spoke to you last june about doing vani t course in livi - if there is any offers you are doing pm me - i have a machine already xo
    Hi Hun

    Hope you don't mind me asking but could I be cheeky and ask for a sample of vani-t? Or could you point me in the direction of who could. Thanks so much in advance. Love n hugs xxxx
    Hi hun, I did stop by your stand, but I couldn't see you, lol I had a great day, got bumped into so many times, Kay wanted to get me a wheel chair, but I think that was so she could ram peoples ankles rather then save me lol
    Hi Jenx

    Frstly may i apologise for the private message but really need a reply asap, ive been doing lashes for 2 years now and have struggled with the adhesives for, well, since i started. I do everything text book so there are no come backs but witht eh semi perms im getting com backs all the time, mainly due to them falling out after 7 days. (not a happy bunny). First I was trained Marvel Lash and i have to say the more i have read the worse the read up they have especially with there adhesive, needless to say im hitting the GLUE TRAUMA....

    I notice you have mentioned the 3D level 3, please please can you offer advise of where to buy it and how i find the 3D LEVEL 3 as all i can see is the pro and sensetive. Also any help and tips on application.

    Again my apologies for the rude e.mail when i dont know you and vice versa, just very desperate due to all the cowboys where i live.

    Kindest of regards

    Hiya hun, yes I'm training in Dundee. I was getting stickies with the gel pads and a few of my clients took a reaction to the gel pads. I don't like just using the tape as I'm wee bit heavy handed LOL!! Have another client on Sunday evening so hopefully she will be fine with just the pads. Everybody works differently and I need to see what works best for me. I have been trained to apply the 1st lash in the middle but I can then place then wherever I like as long as I get a good set of lashes on. I'm going to try working from the corners back into the middle as I'm not getting enough in that area, will practice that on Sunday. Looking forward to sitting my assessment soon so I can learn about the express lashes, are they any easier? I always think the lashes look good and then get a bit deflated when I see my photos and can see I need more on. Thankfully so far I haven't had any complaints. Thanks for your nice message and encouragement, really cheered me up :)) Where abouts in Scotland are you from? xx
    Your lashes look so good hun. I'm having such problems with the corners . Just saw a thread about stickies, I'm getting more too but I can't change my glue until I pass my assessment and I can only use either the gel pads or the micropore tape in my assessment. Working with both was so much better. I just need to be apply more lashes, if you see from my photos they look so sparse but I'm getting on around 20-25 per eye. Thankfully my clients are coming back and they are getting around 2 weeks. out of them. Just need to practice and improve and hopefully produce lashes as good as yours! :)) xx
    Oh good it's nice to put a name to a face. The new tan sounds fab haven't used it yet but been telling my clients about it can't wait to try it. Yea the beauty room is do big it's nice having a big room rather than bring crammed in a small room. Nice to meet you Jen x
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