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  • Hi Jen all is good thanks. Yea I am at mandarins in Stirling work for kimi1101. You would of seem that from the forums x
    Hi Jenx,hope you don't mind me contacting you?I am due to do the Glam Lash in a Flash course tomorrow,I was wondering how you got on with it?I have saw a video the Louise posted on her Facebook,but I am a bit worried its not what I thought it was going to be?I thought the concept was an adaption of the Blink and Go system,ie being able to do the lashes sitting up and with the eyes open?on the video,its just basically the same as the semi-perminant version,with lashes taped down and on the bed again?I'm a mobile therapist,and the idea of not having to humph my bed about and set up,seemed the answer to my problems!I'm worried I am about to waste money on training that I could have worked out myself and isn't actually what I though it was?sorry for the rant,lol!thanks again x
    Hi Jen

    I'd really like to try another vani-t tan. where do you work from and how much do you charge? dawn
    not been doing to many, tried a set on my friend yesterday and was a disastrer, but was interupted and had her daughter climbin everywhere, jusr now i am finding the glam lash glue reallt thick< I havn't tried any others to compare to though just feel that it may be better a bit thinner, and think I would get on better with something that sets faster, I have heard the flirties expert strength was good,a nd not too fumey, might give it a try, they are not that cheap though and with sorter shelf lifes than most things, if you are not doing that many it's not too cost efective, will have to try a different one though....aare you gonna try anymore of stick with A H Franciss? I read a thread that mentioned it was a bit fumey xx
    hey mrs, I was wondering if you had stuck witht he glam lash glue?? or changed to something a bit faste, I am findinf that as I am gradually getting faster that I could do with it setting a bit faster so I can let go of the iscolated lash fster without other lashes wanting to stick to it?? xxx
    Hi Jenx, hope you dont mind me messaging you. I just read an old post of yours about eyelash tinting courses prior to training in eyelash extensions. Do you mind me asking which tinting course you did in the end and whether you would recommend it? Was it sufficient for insurance purposes?

    Thanks :)
    Hi Jenx,

    D you still do spray tan training? If so could you send me some information (dates, price, what product you recommend, etc)


    Hi Jen!! Excellent to see you have joined our team.. A huge warm welcome from us all and please feel free to let me know if you need anything at all xx
    Hi I was googling for Vani-T tan and think you may use it - I'm having it done next week for my wedding but don't have time for a trial (due to already trialing 3 other fake tans in last few weeks!!). Do you ever have problems with it?
    Thank Jen - you were a fantastic trainer and your little ginger cat was equally as friendly!
    :rolleyes: not really surprising. Well the other info is still on there i suppose. It might give you a chance to see a few designs next to each other and see what you think although the application isnt perfect on them xxxx
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