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  • ha ha i just sent myself your message
    think i will buy some of there new glue myself then if you dont find it to tricky to work with and see how i get on. the back glue would be easier to work with than the clear cause if your not careful you can get little white crusty bits when it dries xx
    ah we trained with J curls when i went. I wasn't charging at first as i was afraid they would not last with me being so new and inexperienced but a few people where asking to have them infilled so charged them £20 then got brave at the end of December and started charging £50 a set. Im in Glasgow and dont think I will get the big bucks as im a long way off getting 60 lashes per eye but people seem to be happy to pay £50 for a set but i am so desperate to get them looking fuller lol
    I hope to charge £65 when I set up shop, im renting a room in March so got a few more weeks of practise practise practise but people are asking if they can book in for me opening which is great news x
    Hi Jen,
    stocks are in and deliveries going out already....have you called Laurna as she is now working for us 07824447120
    best regards
    i want to try out glam lashes new black glue but dont feel ready yet to move onto a faster setting one just incase i get myself into a pickle did you get the new black glue in your kit or was it the clear one ?
    I had loads of volunteers before xmas which was good for me to get as much practise in as possible done my 15th on friday on a girl i work with but it was my first set using c curls so will see how long they last as i can have a peak every day lol
    i'm a newbie to only done my course in November so i still have loads to learn but im getting there did you do your training with mags ? x
    pound land have a few different sets of false lashes you want to look for the ones that have the least lashes not the big full ones (hope that makes sense) I use a toilet roll tube to stick the lashes onto, cut it in half so that it doesn't have a back on it (as if you have have made a bridge) lol and that way it wont roll about and away you go. Comes in handy when you want to spend a wee hour practising and don't have a model you can also remove lashes and start again xx
    hi there, thanks for the friends add. I was having a wee read of your blog its hard work having to concentrate for so long no wonder you went for a sleep when you went home lol
    have you bought your self some false eyelashes yet to practice with?? I would be lost with out mine the pound shop has saved me a fortune xx
    Hey Love, I have been doing it for about 10 months now. I stopped for about 4 5 months to have a baby and I am just getting back into it now he is 3 months old!

    Did you enjoy your training. You will get there with it just practice and give it time.

    hya! glad your training went well. Seems really tricky! got training tomorrow, well ,meant to! I just text Lorna to confirm but she doesnt have company car yet. ARgggghhhhhh!!! i hope she can make it i have a client booked in fri and begining to stress!! She trying to organise a life so heres hoping! xxx
    hya! love my uggs, real or not haha!

    When you doing lash training? Also, do you have Lorna's mobile number? my phone broken and lost her number. need to get training done asap xxxx
    hi chick would you let me know how you get on with Glam lashes, thinking of doing the course, also i know that you have done the tinting what products are you going with xx
    Looks like it could be £150 for course and £75 for kit but I would contact Louise to make sure.
    According to the website
    Glasgow: Jan 11th, 16th, 23rd,
    Feb 15th, 26th
    March 5th, 13th, 25th

    Give Louise a call. 07828811190
    Hope this helps.

    Sorry to crash your conversation re lashes just to let you know that I have trained with Louise at Caledonian on lashes and I am now using the Glam Lash products. The have training for £150 inc kit you should contact Louise louisestherapy. Cath
    ah! i dont know how much flirties is, just knew you could pay in installments. Let me know who you decide to go for, as you have good taste haha! xx
    no, not yet! once ive got tanning under my belt will move onto this. I looked at glam lash too, but its so difficult to decide! you can pay in installment with Flirties, dont know if you know this xxx
    hya! yeah, was gutted! but she sounded dreadful! couldnt stop coughing! i will let you know how I get on. What lashes are you going to train with? xx
    just done my first solo tan on my mate, went well, thank god, love it actually, and she did me too, but we tried Unreal tanning, so will let you know
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