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    Help with lashes!

    I just bought the glamcor lamp and it is amazing how much easier it is on the eyes with decent lighting. I wear contact lenses too and my eyes tire really easily and found good lighting has made a big difference x
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    100% natural or organic spray tan

    Thank you, another one to add to my list :) x
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    100% natural or organic spray tan

    Thanks Steve, I am really more interested in a 100% natural tan rather than organic. Organic would just be a bonus :) As I mentioned above I am completely aware of water not being able to be classed as organic. However, natural fragrance, colours and preservatives are totally possible, and you...
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    100% natural or organic spray tan

    Thanks, and I completely agree about the organic water :) I know water cannot be organic. However some tans have aloe Vera as the main ingredient instead of water so it is possible to have an organic tan. I'm personally more interested in a completely natural tan. I totally agree that the term...
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    100% natural or organic spray tan

    Thanks I'll look at that one too x
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    100% natural or organic spray tan

    Are there any other suggestions?
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    100% natural or organic spray tan

    Thanks Pam that's really kind of you :) just when you pop over for your lashes would be great. Thanks so much xxx
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    100% natural or organic spray tan

    Not tried any of them so I shall get in touch and ask them. Thanks x Just curious to see what is out there and compare to what I already use.
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    Spray tan practice

    Spray tanning is generally pretty easy to pick up as long as you get plenty practice in training. After trying it on 1 or 2 friends you should be fine. It's good to get some practice on your own without someone watching over you just to make sure you have it right x
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    100% natural or organic spray tan

    Thanks I appreciate your reply :) I've tried nouvatan in the past and it's only the active ingredients that are natural/organic. So just organic DHA (possibly organic Aloa Vera as well if my memory is correct) I'm looking for one that has natural or organic colours, preservatives and...
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    100% natural or organic spray tan

    Hi everyone, I am considering changing my tan brand and looking for one that is completely natural (preservatives, colours, fragrance as well) or even better completely organic. Price isn't an issue. Are there any suggestions out there for brands that are like this? It's been a good few years...
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    6d lash extension training

    Hi there we are organising for irina levchuk to come over from Russia to teach this. Class is at end of October in Essex. If anyone would like info on this please email me on We still have some spaces left xx
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    Lash Revolution pro glue

    Hi if you follow this link then samples can be ordered from there. Samples Thanks x
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    Splatter problem! HVLP 700

    Does your machine have a speed setting? Mine has low, med, high? If you do, then it needs to be set to high as you can get splatter if it is on a lower setting. Hope this helps x
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    Lash Revolution opinions

    Fab got it :)