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  • oh my!!! Well we are thinking along the lines of the 7th of January .... I've got my tickets booked and am so excited to be coming to oz again. I hope we get the chance to meet. Bring your book and I'll sign it for ya!! :hug:
    Hi Jessica and a warm welcome to the site.
    'nailclass' is available from www.mundoproducts.co.uk just click on books on the home page. We sent all over the world at VERY reasonable rates so I hope this helps you t obtain it. x
    hi and thanks for my picture comments.i do my whites,glitters and smile lines using a dotting (marbelizing) tool as i can be more accurate at applying the gel and therefore dont really need to tidy up the smile lines.if i do i use my brush still.hths.x
    Hi jesekah Are you Jesekah from Aussie on the nailtips forum? I have recently signed up on there and noticed your name is similar
    yes i am..:) i will be there sat and sun.. i have a little salon in adelaide and im looking for better services to apply in the shop, i use cnd but just found a site on the net which is alot cheaper!! so im looking in to that.
    Hi, I am from wollongong nsw... great to meet you too... are you coming to sydney for the expo?.
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