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  • with a user name like yours...whats with the two legged one eyed green pig thingy????
    Hi Jessica

    We now have a scottish trainer wondered if you were still interested in finding out more about Go Gel give me a call on 01303 256305 or my mobile 07833247614

    i dont know if you have been to the event last year, but Rox was showing a trick for practising the smile lines. Use a clear tip and raw a smile line underneath the tip and then apply a smile line so you have a sort of guide. Ones you have a couple dozens of those you will be better at it. Keep practising doll, just like Gigi says. x
    Here is my secret re smile line - i use dotting tool and i draw like i was using a pen and then smooth it down the free edge. that way o dont need to clean the smile so it taked less time too. Try to draw even smiles with a pencil on the paper ( once you have done a 100 you will get it right). I remember when i first stated i refused to do french cause coudnt do it, now i love it. If you are around in Edinburgh come over i will show a couple of tricks))) xxx

    Yes, got 2 for £11.00 2 years ago. Think they are £15.00 for 2 now - that was including postage.

    im really sorry but its not showing me any pics that you added yesterday,the most recent one im seeing is from the 13-12-08 or is that the one you mean? its got black on the little finger and what looks like orange glitter on the rest
    hi hun,ive just tried looking at you photo and i cant seem to find it in your album or on your website.have i mis looked it?
    hi tracy,ive just sent you a pm.i do apply all my glitters using a dotting tool as i find it much easier.xx
    Hi Jessica Rabbit

    Re taster Kit . try me Kit costs £35 plus vat includes 4ml brill white gel, 10ml Clear Gel, 4ml colour gel, and gel sanitizer and nail prep and Ultra Shield top coat if you need a light add £35. You can either pay me by card give me a call on 07825415002 or send a cheque That Nail Place, 2 Rendezvous Street, Folkestone, Kent. CT20 1EX

    You are welcome to come on conversion course kit costs £70 (includes light) no charge for work shop no one up in scotland yet although we have got training in nottingham or Manchester if that is a bit closer let me know.

    Hope this helps

    Speak Soon
    thanks for the comment on my pic.i apply my glitters using a dotting tool as i find it so much easier than a brush.i dip it in the gel and then in the glitter,i then take off the bulk by using an orange stick and laying it flat on the nail and bringing the product up to the free edge and wiping it off.x
    Sorry chick for the late reply, yes I did. But I can't go now.......was going to see if you wanted picked up on my way there. xx
    I am not very good at getting around this site but if I can help out I sure will..........most of th things yo are wanting to know will be on google in much more detail than i can provide but if i can help....i'll try ! :))
    the salary wouldnt be disclosed without an interview.and no travel expenses would be paid as if we found someone in perth this would save the extra expense.we are holding interviews next week so if you change your mind feel free to pop along
    hey.sorry just gettin back to you if you dont mind travelling to perth every saturday and possibly a week day come down for a chat at some point this week?bring equipment with you for a trial.obviously it is abit of a distance so we would need assurance that this wouldnt be a problem to you?
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