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  • Hi I hope you dont mind me pm'ing you. I have only just joined the forum and have been looking through for advice. I plan to set up as a mobile tanning business and noticed your offer of help to the woman who posted about tax etc. I work full time and intend to do this part time - (i work 12 hour shifts so often have 3 or 4 days off a week). Can you send me some information? my email addy is angelagilroy@hotmail.com Thank you so much. Angela
    hey.is that strathclyde as in M&Ds?perth is about 1hr 15min from glasgow if you are close to that.we are maybe looking for someone a saturday and a day during the week.how long have u done nails for?amanda x
    honest do not be afraid, just put bit more product in if u unsure, so if u get over spill just clean off, jobs a good unxxx
    so wat do u think of the way i said for the popits did it work, are they using that techniquex
    thats it hun, give it a try, i no it sounds to simple but it worked for me hun, popits are my friends again lol x
    u are so right hun, use two balls if u think there is not enough product hun, but do not mess we it, let it settle put it on, hold for at learst 40 sec if not 50, honest it works xxxx
    I will hun, have you seen the freeforms with nightsky polish I put on my profile. I love the colour of the polish...x
    Hi hun, very lightly buff, but be careful you dont remove the design its a bugger when that happens lol.
    I am good hun ta had a great weekend at the show, spent out now but have lots of new things to play with..x
    I Never use tips with popits so I cant awnser youre question. I know that Gigi use the creative pink on the white tips so I guess that it is a ok thing to do, why dont you ask her
    Jessica I had a problem with bubbles in Popits also . I noticed that I only have this problem when I am aplying clear powder and not when I am aplying pink or glitter. So now I just make designer nails in them or a pinkk and white overlay. I dont know why it only happens with clear its realy strange
    No problem hun it just takes loads of practise.
    Thanks my back is on the mend I did a Leg, Bikini, Underarm and Eyebrow wax tonight so its ready for a long soak in the bath xxx
    Hi Jessica! I didn't set up the Scottish Geeks group, but I just joined it myself a few days ago. I just saw someone else was in it, clicked on it, and found the "join" option. Let me know if you can't find it! Best wishes! Dawn from Alloa
    Really need to know how to use the camera, it's a good one but not good at taking them, to many settings for my liking......Pauline (orange nails) is on holiday so once she has a tan they will look better, not the best nails in the world let me tell you.

    LOL VERY LOUD, loving the new name...xxx
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