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  • Nope not had it yet, Heather said they should be sent soon but that was a few weeks ago.

    LOL practice makes perfecct, hee hee
    Wow I was going to have an uplift ut decided the facelift was enough lol.
    Yes the Manchester show I am going with Silverspring, were going down on the Saturday night, have a night on the town first lol..x
    ohhh didnt know you had had a boob op, not been up to a lot hun, works slow, had some crystal healing on my shoulder. Going to Pro beauty north on the 12th looking forward to that.
    How you feeling after the op..x
    Hi hun Hope you well good to hear from you.x It wasnt cream it was strips, you put them under your eyes and leave them for 20 mins. and yes I would def. recommend them, you can tell the difference well I could anyway.
    Didn't go, something else has came up so I'll keep you posted on that.

    How's the boobs???? take it all went ok. xx
    Thanks chick

    Yeh fancied a change lol, I have so many images I just cant make up my mind which i like best :)
    Just got back from Lanzarote had a great week there, now back to buisiness, getting my advertising all sorted out and my course finally finished.
    Had a wicked new tattoo done while I was away as well, 2 days old now and stinging a bit lol..xxxx
    Awww you poor thing, I bet you look great tho... nice to hear from you chick ...xxxxx
    Glad you enjoyed your training hun, you will be doing amazing nails before you know it..then I will be looking at all your work, give me your honest feedback anyway chick, its always good to know what your doing is either good bad or indifferent lol...take care ...xx
    Hi Hun, havent done a lot lately just been recupping from operation lol..did some gold nails for my daughter in law the other day for a wedding she was bridesmaid..and I was bored the other night so I played at nail art, i am rubbish at it tho...there all on my web site tho if you want to peek lol..xxxxx
    Hi Tracy thanks for comment my work ,
    when clients have short nails I use 1.clear base - 2.french gel (I have the same problem if I apply a thin amount of gel for smile line is better to use more gel) - 3.top gel. If I use build gels on short nails they look really thick...there not nice. :) xxx
    Hi tracy, glad to hear that you are able to have some treatment done because that was the whole idea of the poll. I wanted to find out if geeks knew or worked with someone who did treaments that they didn't do. That way they could get the treatment at a reduced price. Good for you, your really are looking after number 1. :hug:
    i haven't tried that hun..i use stencils and airbrush paints ..some good designs with them ..but i have heard the stamping kits are ok just get smudgy sometimes.
    sure you can add me tracy & i'll do same ..i'm looking to try these popits ..thank you for comment on nail art not very clear ..i do airbrush nail art more now hun...i'm still re-training in nail enhancements but qualify in nov 08. x
    Hi tracy, thanks for your friendship. My english is not so good. So could you tel what mean L&P? All nails what I've done are acrylic nails. First half year I did with tips but now I sculpt (since nov). I use gel only as topcoat (Odyssey Evoke top gel). That I've done just a week. Don't you have photo album? :)
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