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  • Hi, i'm great how are you i bet you can't wait to get started, hope your hand comes soon..xx
    Hi Tracy,

    thank you so much, hun :hug: I borrowed the Essential Nails airbrushing DVD sometime last year to learn the basics, gave it back after a week or so. I feel it's quite easy and very much fun :green: There's tons of designs to choose from and it's true like they say; what you wear, your clients will wear :wink2:
    Creative is the best that you can get, their products are lovely to work with and never go yellow and better still it is top name that clients recognise and trust,
    their education is second to none, they are the only training provider to win numerous awards for their training programmes year after year and fiona and her daughter wee fi are great, i have spent time with wee fi and she is a doll, hope you enjoy your training hun,xxx
    Hi Hun
    you have just missed a demo with Gigi up in Edinburgh,
    she did it at one of the CND training centres up there,
    as far as i know the conversion course is about £100,
    if you give creative a call they will give you details of the training academy in Edinburgh, it is run by a lady called Fiona and her daughter, they are both great tutors,
    the number is 0845 210 6060 hth xxx
    yea lol..there on my website tips n toes lol..last picture..shes my lovely nail biter im training. She has a nice set of nails growing under the tips there.,,x
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